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A role in digital marketing isn’t just a job — it’s a career. There’s a key difference that many prospecting candidates and even employers fail to understand, leaving them standing still in an industry that’s constantly moving forward. But here at Mediaworks, we celebrate the many adventures a career in this sector can give you, whether this is progressing in your own role or taking advantage of opportunities that come with working for an award-winning creative search agency.

However, it’s important to understand that making a campaign go viral isn’t accidental, but a plan that has been strategically put together by a range of digital marketers to drive successful results for a client; and that’s what we do.

After partnering with Newcastle University Students’ Union to launch the Professional Marketing Academy, we thought that it would only be right to address the key qualities that you need to have a successful career in marketing. But what are they?

A commitment to learn more.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is what keeps us ahead of our competitors and at the top of our game. Two days are never the same for a digital marketer, with constant changes occurring across the industry that you must be aware of — whether this is a new Google update or a recent news trend.

Showing a commitment to learn more about the industry is not something that should just be carried out in the workplace, but outside of work too — acknowledge everything around you. Try familiarising yourself with new trends and take more notice of your surroundings, as this will allow you to come up with innovative ideas that can pioneer a relatable campaign.

A willingness to adapt to change.

As we learn more each day, we must be able to adapt simultaneously to any changes that are outlined. As this can occur regularly, it’s important to be proactive and use your initiative to ensure that clients always receive the best service possible, no matter the circumstances.

As change will likely present itself across a company entirely, you must be able to move forward with your colleagues while giving and accepting help along the way to ensure that everyone is well informed and can address any issues that could present themselves.

Keeping people in-the-know.

Communication is key — it’s true. Although we’ve immersed ourselves in an always-online world, physical communication should continue to thrive in a digital marketing agency and that can only happen with the help of digital marketers who are willing to talk in person as opposed to sending a quick email.

We send and receive a lot of emails each day, which means that important information can easily be missed. If you are unable to communicate well to other members across your company, people will progress at different rates, which could harm the development and success of a campaign.

To be a self-starter.

Being a self-starter is essential for a digital marketer, as often you will be required to use your own initiative and be proactive within your designated job role. Not only that, you’ll be required to understand other areas of the business and help when required — team work makes the dream work.

Time management is another core area that you must be confident in. Sometimes, the most unexpected task will pop up and need completing straight away. Can you deal with the pressure?

Be kind.

Here at Mediaworks, we pride ourselves on being an overall nice bunch of people with a love for everything digital. From regular team meals to our rock-climbing and running clubs, being a team player is our secret to a successful career in digital marketing.

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