Best Practice For A Profitable Affiliate Program

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Creating a profitable affiliate program requires a strong affiliate strategy, a lot of hard work, and plenty of time to build up momentum. There are some key practices that you can apply to ensure that an affiliate program is securing the strongest return possible for your business.

Mediaworks has four key pointers that you should know about, on top of our Tips For A Successful Affiliate Program blog post, for you to learn from to ensure that you are maximising success from the start.

1. Make sure your website is up to scratch

A functional website is crucial not just for supporting your affiliate program, but as a tool for enhancing your overall online marketing strategy. Affiliate programs can drive lots of traffic to your website, which means you can’t afford to disappoint users when they arrive. Conversion rate optimisation and UX design must be approached with great detail, otherwise your conversion rate will not be as high as it could be. Use data and insights to inform your business’ decisions and turn your website visitors into customers.

2. Focus your attention on CPA

This might sound obvious when focusing on your affiliate channel, but often affiliates will be suggesting tenancy booking before it’s necessary. Investing in tenancy-based promotions can be very profitable, but it’s important not to jump the gun. Build up promotion with an affiliate with commission, and commission will increase. Once you’ve established that this affiliate can drive decent levels of conversions, then it’s time to begin testing some small tenancy bookings.

3. Run exclusives through the channel

Offering exclusive offers through your affiliate program is a great way to keep your affiliates engaged, especially if onsite promotions are sporadic. Exclusives given to individual affiliates are a great way of securing greater exposure at lower costs and welcoming even more customers to your business.

4. Communicate

This is one of the simplest ways in which you can improve performance with an affiliate channel is to keep talking. Clear, consistent, and regular communication of offers, products, and news is infinitely useful at keeping affiliates active.

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