The Benefits Of Bing Search Advertising

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Microsoft really has transformed its search engine since its earlier days as MSN Search, Windows Live Search and then Live Search. Today, Bing Search has become one of the most influential platforms, with around 23% year-on-year growth in search advertising, meaning it should become one of your next priorities when it comes to boosting the image of your brand and ensuring conversions.

Although Google Ads still remains at the top, Bing Ads offers a complete new set of benefits that can’t be ignored when it comes to your paid search campaign. But what are they?

Less Competition

Although Google Ads can deliver sensational results for bigger brands with more to spend, it’s no secret that Bing Search advertising is far less competitive and, as a result, has a cheaper cost per click (CPC). Bing Ads uses a similar auction dynamic as Google Ads auction too, so it’s easier to secure better positions too.

Better Social Extensions

Everyone is on social media these days, and customers like to see how your brand is performing on these platforms. Around 2014, Bing  Search Ads started to roll out automated social extensions that showed the number of Twitter followers an advertiser had — allowing customers to familiarise themselves more with brands online and acknowledge genuine advertising campaigns.

The Ability To Control Search Demographics

Google Ads offers advertisers the chance to regularly view and control demographic targeting through the Google Display Network. However, there’s no option for demographic-based targeting on the search network itself, which can sometimes be problematic. Bing Ads allows brands to control which gender and age demographics see search ads. This can be controlled at either the campaign or ad group level.

Optional Variants

Last year, Google enforced the ‘close variant’ matching target onto all Google Ads account. This means that the close variant can take into account any searches which includes common misspellings, plurals and grammatical errors and thus expand reach by around 7%. However, this remains an option at Bing — allowing advertisers to opt in or out of close variant matching.

Better Transparency And Control Over Search Partner Targeting

Bing allows advertisers to be quite flexible when it comes to targeting on the search engine. Brands can decide to target just Bing and Yahoo, only search partners or both at the ad group level. To decide, you can run reports to see which search partners are directing traffic to your site!

There are many more benefits to advertising with Bing, but we’ll leave that for you to discuss with one of our PPC specialists. Contact our team online by filling out the form below!


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