Black Friday preparation: what’s holding back your e-commerce site?

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We’re quickly approaching one of the most lucrative retail periods of the year. You should already have your preparations for Black Friday and beyond well underway but if you haven’t, here is some food for thought on how you can maximise your e-commerce performance with some simple SEO considerations:

Perfect your product descriptions

Users have made it to your site; now you need to wow them with your product descriptions. Your product descriptions are your sales pitch, so automated and manufacturer-provided product descriptions are unlikely to engage and excite your customers — just like a half-hearted, monotone speech would fail to captivate audiences.

This type of description can also create issues with duplicate content both internally on your site and with other sites that stock the same products as you do. Of course, creating unique, engaging product descriptions takes time — prioritise your highest value products and create unique copy to drive conversions for each page.

Utilise user reviews

You’re trying to sell a product — so why would you invite users to share negative opinions on the very page they will use during the purchasing decision process? Retailers can be reluctant to incorporate user reviews for this very reason, but doing so can actually be incredibly beneficial.

Not only do user-generated reviews increase the proportion of unique content on the page, it provides yet more information for users to help them make a decision. Past customer experiences can also reassure potential customers of your business, eliminating any doubts they might have.

Master your mix of keywords

Marketers naturally assume that because a user has reached a product page, they must have searched the name of the product directly. While product name keywords will undoubtedly drive a large volume of traffic, especially around popular products, there is potential to increase SEO visibility by including general search phrases.

Incorporate a mix of product titles and general search phrases to maximise the ranking potential of your product descriptions.

With the above tactics, you can increase your site’s SEO visibility, improve the overall user experience and ultimately enjoy greater success from your e-commerce site.

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