Bringing a +1 to the AdWords party

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In the demanding world of social credibility, even advertising can be influenced by the size of your fan base.

Having plenty of Google+ followers may not necessarily cheapen keywords or improve quality score (yet), but the search engine giant has released figures that suggest these ‘social annotations’ can improve click-through rates by up to 5-10%.

Plus, as a bit of a loyalty freebie, Google has made social clicks to your Google+ page free of charge! Although the headline, offer or sitelink CPC still applies.


What’s in it for brands?

As well as boosting click through rates and pushing your competitor’s ads further down the results page, a huge follower count makes your brand look like the bee’s knees – and super-trustworthy compared to whoever is competing for your market share.

As well as your quantity of fans, the ad extension also displays your brand’s recommendations, showing off the fact your business is made of quality stuff too.

If you’re shy on followers, but have lots of +1s from your webpages (i.e. products), these all count towards the number of +1s that appear on your adverts. Some search partners also support the annotations, so it’s not just Google results that can showcase your brand’s popularity.


What’s in it for customers?

The majority of people trust their friends for recommendations, with many approaching peers, colleagues and family before trusting search engines to give them reliable results. Google’s +1 annotation aims to bridge this gap.

If a Google+ user is signed in while they search, they will see how many people in their circles have used +1 for a landing page or followed a brand – all in the ad. You’re more likely to trust the ad if you see that five friends are following the brand too, right? These Personal annotations are ideal for improving clicks to your Google+ page and increasing your follower numbers.

If a Google+ user isn’t signed in, or no one in their circles has endorsed the brand, the ad will display the total number of followers (known as a Basic annotation).


Google+ checklist

It’s really easy to set up and get your +1s working for your brand.

  1. Check your URL is verified on your company’s Google+ page.
  2. Check your Google+ page URL is the same as the URL in your ads, so Google knows that the two are linked.
  3. Ensure that your Google+ page is frequently updated with comments, posts and interactions. You also need around 100 followers before your social annotations appear on your ads.


Now it’s time to make the most of social annotations! Contact us if you need any help setting up or making the most of your loyal followers on AdWords.


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