‘Call now’ Button Added to Google Posts

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If you create posts in Google My Business, you may have realised that you now have the option to insert a ‘Call now’ button into each post that you set up.

This selection expands on the variety of calls to action that you can already add to your posts, with the other possibilities found within the ‘What’s New’ tab when you create a post including:

  • Book
  • Order online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign up (i.e. for a newsletter)
  • Get offer

It is important to bear in mind that when a ‘Call now’ button is added to a post, customers who click it will trigger a phone call to the primary phone number that is included within the associated Google My Business listing. There is no way for you to change the phone number that is linked to the button at the moment, meaning that a tracking number will not be able to be used.

Another crucial aspect of the ‘Call now’ button, as spotted by Twitter user @JoyanneHawkins, is that those who click the button will be prompted to then leave a review for the associated business. This element should underline the need to deliver a high-quality service when someone gets in touch with your business via a phone call, as the customer will be in a position to write a review online as soon as a call is over.

While calls to action (often shortened to CTAs) should be nothing new to those who write content for websites, they should never be considered an afterthought.

In fact, they are a vital means of seizing opportunities when it relates to online marketing techniques and are the terms used to instruct the audience on your website, your social media accounts or — when it comes to Google My Business Google Posts — a search engine’s results pages what you would like them to do next. Leading SME business magazine Business Matters highlights this point, by estimating that 90 per cent of people who look at a website will read the CTAs present there. If the CTAs are embedded into text, a website’s conversion rate can increase by upwards of 120 per cent too.

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