What We Can Learn From Super Bowl Advertising Strategies

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The Super Bowl is not just one of the world’s biggest sporting events; it’s also one of the year’s greatest marketing opportunities. Log into any of your social media accounts come February 4th and your feeds will be awash with the ads that got everyone talking.

The impact of the Super Bowl is phenomenal, but that doesn’t come without a price. This year, a 30 second advertising slot will cost between $5 million and $5.2 million — and that’s just for the space to show the ad. You’ll then have to factor in the actual cost of producing your campaign, meaning expense can skyrocket.

Translated into everyday marketing terms, according to Digiday, the £5.2 million spend is equivalent to:

  • 32 years of mobile video ads.
  • +2,000,000 Facebook reach.
  • 6 billion Instagram impressions.
  • 85 billion display ad impressions.

While the equivalent value of this spend is undeniably impressive, you must also consider that for $5.2 million, brands don’t just get a single ad slot. In 2017, over 111 million people tuned into the Super Bowl. This level of exposure alone is valuable before you even begin to consider the social and news outlet coverage that will also be generated.

With so much riding on the success of a single advert, marketing teams will be working around the clock to ensure they have the perfect campaign to avoid heavy criticism from viewers around the world. In essence then, this is no different from digital marketing.

Super Bowl ads have a limited time to impress and face fierce competition from other brands in the fight to be remembered and connect with their target audience. It’s a similar story in the online sphere. With this in mind, how can you use learnings from the Super Bowl to bolster your next content marketing campaign?

Strike the balance

Often, the Super Bowl ads that get the most attention are those that are the most out-there and, while this is obviously a good thing, it could lead to a detachment from the brand. Ask yourself; is it more important to remember the ad or the brand?

It’s a similar story for content marketing. Your campaigns should be general enough to engage with your audience and attract online coverage, but not so far removed that users wonder what the link is to your brand. Striking the balance is difficult to do, but get it right and you can reap the benefits.

Make an emotional connection

Remember Budweiser’s Lost Puppy ad that pulled on heartstrings during the 2017 Super Bowl? The ad was so memorable because it struck an emotional connection with viewers. That’s the secret to a successful content marketing campaign. If you give users a reason to care about your content, they’re more likely to share it with others, boosting its overall performance.

Have a clear aim

Before starting any campaign — Super Bowl or not — you should have a clear aim in mind. Without it, you risk a lack of direction which could lead to lesser results than you may have anticipated. Be clear of what you want to achieve early in the process, as this will impact how you approach the campaign.

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