Can Social Media Help Predict the Outcome of the General Election?

Social media channels have become the primary communication tool for political party leaders and voters alike to share their instant views and opinions.

Rather than rely upon public polls where samples of voters are asked who they would vote for tomorrow, Mediaworks has analysed a sample of 100 tweets about each political party leader every day in the run up to the election.

What Is Social Sentiment Analysis?

Social sentiment analysis allows us to see how social media users are discussing topics — whether it is positive or negative. Using AI technology, Mediaworks will analyse 100 tweets for each party leader per day to establish the level of viewer support for them. We will assign a score every day based on new tweets that come through.

What Is The Sentiment Score Based On?

The sentiment value scores each party leader out of 100 and is then automatically calculated as an average for that day and plotted on the interactive graph below. By clicking on each political party leader, you can compare their daily sentimental score each day in comparison to their opposition.

In the build up to the election, check out the cumulative average for each party leader:

The data presented by Mediaworks above is a sample and does not reflect the views and opinions of Mediaworks, nor is it representative of the entire population. The data presented is subject to third party machine learning algorithms, as well as human interpretation.

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