Capitalising on seasonality

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In order to succeed online, your campaign should consider the seasonality of your service offering. Using data provided by Google about the finance industry as an example, our Head of Search, Kev Strong, shares his tips for leveraging these peaks in interest to maximise return on investment from your campaign.

Plan in advance

Google’s data shows search peaks on a month-by-month basis. For example, in January, search interest in mortgages, retiring and saving reach their peak, potentially as a result of people starting afresh in the New Year. However, as a business, you’ll work on a different timescale.

You’ll need to start preparations at least six months prior to the peak in search interest. Using this time to create optimised content and carry out some initial outreach will help to build your online presence for terms surrounding the services and products you want to push.

By doing the leg work early, your brand will be in a position to capitalise on search interest during the peak period. Fail to do this and you’ll end up playing catch up in a time where you should be reaping the benefits.

As an additional boost to your seasonal targeting, you can leverage paid search to create targeted ads during these peaks. This helps generate more exposure for your content or website in the months where it matters most.

Multi-stranded campaigns

By planning in advance, you’ll often be running multiple campaigns at one time. For example, in the finance industry, July is the peak month for search interest in travel rewards credit cards. In November, searches around credit card applications peak. This means six month preparations will often overlap. In these scenarios, you should create structured campaigns with clear end goals.

Make sure you’re mobile friendly

We have to stress the importance of mobile once again. In the finance industry, conversion rates are 58% higher on mobile platforms than they are on desktop. Mobile searches for financial terms which have seasonal peaks, like mortgages, credit cards, loans and life insurance, are growing 48% year on year.

What good is being seasonally aware if you’re missing out on the mobile market? The finance industry is not the only industry where mobile is vital. The entire search landscape is dominated by mobile search, with 75% of adults accessing the web via mobile in 2015.


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