Captivating content and tempting tactics: Best copy practice from the experts

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There is no substitute for the love of creating captivating content. If you don’t adore language, have a passion for transforming the ho-hum into something extraordinary or appreciate how much words matter, there’s a danger you’re creating weak content.

Professional writers and content creators all work with their audience in mind. We want to serve them with truthful words crafted from language that meets their needs. Putting it simply, the reader becomes our focus, so regardless of how witty or perfectly poetic we may find a phrase, if it doesn’t serve the audience, it’s out.

Attracting and retaining your audience with captivating copy is key to any brand’s success online. However, too often we see copy that falls short of its purpose. Filling a page with words never helped anyone, so as well as being able to pen prose that tempts, a good writer knows how to be a strategist too.

If you want to create enticing editorials and charming content, take a look at our top five tips below:

Know your audience

First things first, who are you creating content for? Don’t think of your audience as a faceless crowd. Generalising your readership will result in colourless, drab and downright dull copy.

Who is your number one fan? Use them as the basis for your writing, whether they’re a fictional character you’ve never met or a real person you know, because personal copy becomes more persuasive and builds relationships.

Keep them hungry

Blog posts provide the perfect platform for interaction. The more engaging your posts are the more likely your audience are to share and comment — not to mention come back for more.

Write about topics they crave or even build content around the comments they have posted. And remember, if you are creating content to push sales, it’s easier and more cost-effective to prompt current customers to repeat buy than it is to acquire new customers. Keep serving something tasty and they’ll stay for dinner.

Be confident

Some of the most talented people I’ve ever know have been some of the most insecure. However, born from that insecurity is a drive to always deliver the best work possible.

By practicing our craft and partaking in training whenever we can, copywriters become the authoritative expert. The pride and confidence you should strive for comes from hours of deliberate practice and results in work that expands your abilities. Remember, most people can claim to write, but its writing well that’s the difference — a true pro is always improving, expanding, and refining.

Provide upfront results

Today’s consumers demand more proof that your services work before they buy. By providing content that demonstrates results, you’re one step closer to having your audience commit to your product.

Content marketing is the perfect way to offer them results without asking for their bank details. While the initial concept of spending budget on this creative medium may make you nervous thinking that the audience will just consume for free then do one, it doesn’t always go down like that.

There will always be those consumers who don’t translate into sales, but by creating and distributing content that solves a problem or offers something unique, you’re building relationships. Take our free webinars for example, they provide value at no cost but have positioned us as an authority in the industry. Now doesn’t that sound like something you’d want to splash out on?

Build long-term relationships

It might sound like a total cliché, but people really do buy from people. Before they’ll turn to your services, you need to build relationships that will keep them coming back.

seller buyer

One way of doing so is with effective and engaging content that captivates the reader. Think on your communications strategy; are you keeping in regular touch with your customers? Do you send a newsletter or update your blog to a consistent schedule?

Ensure your readers know what to expect and be there with writing infused with personality and inspiration — it comes back to treating them like individuals and not a faceless mass. Put yourself in their shoes: would a lacklustre piece of copy captivate you? I’m willing to bet it’s a no.

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