CIM event recap: The cutting edge of PPC

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On the 22nd May 2014, The North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC) and The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) hosted a marketing bootcamp designed to bring together the professional knowledge of a range of industry experts. The event covered a vast array of topics, including content strategies, social media management, pay per click updates and mobile marketing.

Joining specialists from Dolezal Consulting, The Eight and I Am You Limited, John Cave and Steven Parker attended the event on behalf of Mediaworks to give an insight into recent updates in the PPC sector. Their half-day masterclass covered key areas such as improving site visibility, understanding Google disavow and making sound PPC investments, with the aim of providing insider tips about the future of digital marketing. For those who were unable to attend the conference, this post will sum up some of the key ideas discussed.

Why use Adwords?

2014 is a great time to start using Google Adwords, as developments in the field of PPC have made it a highly effective way of not only gaining a high position in the SERPs, but also maintaining this ranking over time. Adwords has become Google’s main source of revenue, offering PPC advertising alongside site-targeted advertising for text, banner and rich-media ads.

Impression share is a highly valuable Adwords tool that allows brands to assess the effectiveness of their ads. It works by displaying how often the ads of one brand are shown for the keywords they bid on in comparison to their competitors’. By analysing the ads in this way, it is possible to evaluate how successful the investment has been and what impact it might have on a brand’s online presence.

How does Quality Score Work?

The Quality Score of an ad determines its Ad Rank, meaning that the position of the ad can depend on how it fits a specific set of criteria. This criteria includes information about the ad such as historical click-through rate, keyword and landing page relevancy, and keyword and copy relevancy, but also uses page data such as landing page experience and load time.

Being aware of how PPC processes work can significantly improve the effectiveness of a brand’s ad investments and keep them one step ahead of competitors. The Mediaworks team are proud to be delivering masterclasses that keep brands on the cutting edge of PPC knowledge.

Steven Parker, Business Development Manager at Mediaworks, said: “Working with the Chartered Institute of Marketing has allowed us to share our industry expertise with businesses both across the region and throughout the UK. This conference has strengthened our partnership with them and allowed us to communicate practical, usable knowledge to an ever-growing base of innovative brands.”

To find out more about how PPC can benefit your brand, contact us today. If you attended the CIM event in Newcastle, we’d love to hear your feedback. Join the conversation on Twitter @CIM_noreasteng and @mediaworksuk, or by using the comment box below.


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