Content Is King

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When it comes to running a business online, we can often become distracted by the number of clicks we receive on certain pages of our website — and even more obsessed with how many conversions came from that particular page.

You may be receiving the most views on one category page for example, but only 10% of your sales are coming from it. This will ultimately sway your judgement when it comes to setting internal objectives around your brand, which can have negative consequences. But there is always a solution.

On-site importance

When was the last time you updated the copy on your website? Serious question. Chances are, your content hasn’t been reviewed since you launched. This is a problem.

It’s important to understand that consumer attitudes change all of the time, and if you’re not evolving with them, they won’t be scared to go to your competitors who are. The written word is a persuasive tool that can influence purchasing decisions and make your brand more relatable, so it’s something that you must continuously improve to ensure success.

Tone of voice

Establishing a tone of voice is essential for your business as it offers customers a sense of similarity across your brand whether it be across your website, social media channels or other marketing channels. This makes your brand more personable, and customers respect that.

The way that you speak to your audience will differ depending on your target market though, and this is something that you must keep in mind at all times. For example, if you’re a clothing retailer with a target audience of girls aged 16-22, you may take a bubbly, feel-good approach with your writing style. On the other hand, if you’re a niche technology retailer, you may take a more serious tone and use industry-specific jargon.

Optimising for target keywords

You need people to see the words that you write, so you also want to make sure all copy on your website is properly optimised to align with online searches. It’s important to identify target pages that you want to drive traffic to insert the appropriate keywords in naturally to ensure they rank across search engines using software like Google Analytics.

From this, you should begin building links with the same target keyword back to that page. This could be achieved through outreach content creation and internal linking — both of which offer their own benefits.

When it comes to your paid search campaigns, part of your quality score is determined by the content on the landing page. Ensuring that this landing page is relevant to the search terms you’re bidding for can improve your impressions and engagement rates.

If you’re looking to stand out from your competitors, your content will help you do this. Digital is becoming notoriously competitive, so now is the time to start reviewing your content and make changes that will keep you at the forefront of any customer trends while ranking in the search engine.

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