Content marketing: why one idea is better than ten

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Is bigger always better? Our Organic Search Director, Nicki Pow, discusses why less can definitely be more when it comes to content marketing.


It’s no secret that content marketing offers many benefits for businesses in terms of digital marketing. When it’s done right, it positions your brand in front of the right audience at the right time, highlighting who you are and what you do without being overly promotional.

If you’ve ever created content before, you’ll understand that it’s a labour of love. With all the time and effort you’ve put in, you’ll want to maximise its reach and squeeze every last drop of marketing goodness out of it.

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Choosing one main umbrella idea can offer more potential than you may think. By choosing a broad topic, you can approach data from new angles and present it in alternative formats to engage with your audience more closely.

For example, take Coca Cola’s UEFA Euro 2016 campaign. As official sponsors of the tournament, the brand has created a host of content to promote their association and the tournament more generally. There’s an infographic about the numbers behind Euro 2016, list-style articles, interviews with football coaches, stadium galleries and competitions to win tickets.

As you can see, this one umbrella concept has given rise to multiple content types that work together to promote the brand. Rather than completing one project and moving swiftly onto the next, it can be much more beneficial to consider all of the available options under one idea.

This is particularly useful if you’re torn between formats. Often an idea needs multiple outlets to be truly successful — for example, your research may have data that demands an infographic, but requires the detail of a report. By exploring many avenues, you can truly become an authority on a subject and increase awareness of your brand.

Surprisingly, just 29% of leading marketers are currently doing this, so adopting this tactic could give your content marketing strategy a competitive edge. With statistics predicting 70% more content to be created in 2016, it could be the difference between success and failure.

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