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The attitudes of shoppers have changed and retailers need to stand up and take notice to ensure that they are standing out from their competitors in a very fierce environment.

In the past, people would either go online to search for a specific product that they wanted to buy, or just pop into a store on their local high street to complete a purchase. While product-specific searches and purchases are still being carried out, consumers have become more empowered and will now head online a lot more and do their research before figuring out just what they want to buy.

Tapping into a handy infographic by Think With Google and using fashion as an example topic, we advise you on how to create content which will help shoppers find ideas and inspiration, and hopefully lead to them to your website or your stores to ultimately make a purchase:

Help people at the start of the shopping funnel

People are no longer going in blind when visiting a retailer’s website or store. Instead, they are looking for a spark that will kick-start their shopping journey.

Data from both Google and YouTube demonstrates this. The search engine giant has found that searches related to ideas have increased by more than 55 per cent on mobile devices since 2015. In the same period of time, the well-known video sharing platform has found that the watch-time for YouTube videos which have the word ideas in their titles have increased by over 135 per cent.

Here’s some highly successful fashion-related articles and videos that will likely help people at this stage of the shopping journey:

Give potential customers a shopping list

Shopping lists are nothing new. However, many people are now seeking inspiration for how they write out their own lists before heading to the shops.

Google data again underlines this point. Searches on mobile devices for shopping lists have increased by more than 150 per cent since 2015, while searches which specifically contain the phrase ‘outfits for’ have grown by over 55 per cent in the same period.

Imagining you’re tailoring your content to a fashion enthusiast once more, here’s some tips to inspire your next articles:

Shout about the brands you stock

Further down the shopping funnel, they will be some people online right now who have an idea of the type of product they need. However, they will have hit a wall before purchasing something because they don’t know which brand will be best.

In fact, data from Google has found that searches on mobile devices which include the word ‘brands’ have increased by more than 80 per cent since 2015. The search engine giant has also revealed through their research that searches on mobiles along the lines of ‘top/best [insert type of product] brands’ is up by over 95 per cent when compared to the previous two years.

Again, imagine you’re a retailer in the fashion industry. Here’s some ideas for effective content for those at this stage of the shopping journey:

  • The phrase ‘top women’s clothing brands’ receives on average 110 searches a month on — there’s potential to create a guide that ranks for that phrase.
  • The Independent’s 12 best sustainable fashion brands for women — received almost one thousand shares on social media channels since it was published in October 2017. The article also features on the first page of a Google search for the phrase ‘women’s clothing brands’ (search carried out on Jan 12th).


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