Decathlon Squared campaign is no sweat for Mediaworks team

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Decathlon Squared campaign is no sweat for Mediaworks team

Everyone here at Mediaworks HQ has pulled together and pushed the boundaries of digital marketing to produce an incredible campaign: Decathlon Squared.

Not resting on our laurels with regards to SEO and content marketing prowess, the Mediaworks team set about developing an innovative, comprehensive strategy that would boost brand awareness, generate plenty of buzz and set the company apart from the crowd.

Knowing that the sports retailer’s audience would be up for a challenge, we decided to set Decathlon customers a mammoth task: commit to the namesake and complete ten events that test the limits of fitness, strength and dedication.

The attention-grabbing webpage

Our design and tech teams worked alongside Cargo on an incredibly cool parallax scrolling webpage, a dynamic and interactive interface that introduced users to the Decathlon Squared concept in a stimulating way. You couldn’t help but be pumped for the event after scrolling through.

To make participation all the more enticing, we worked with the retailer to offer a host of amazing prizes. With the chance to win up to £500 and get involved in an exciting event, who could say no?

The content and concept were sharable in themselves, but we also promoted social media activity by prominently displaying share buttons, and encouraging those up for the challenge to compete with their friends through Facebook.

The informative portal

Mediaworks also provided animated, persuasive and informative copy for the Decathlon Squared portal. This content explained how the challenge would work, ensuring readers were both in the know and eager to take part.

However, we were focused on delivering a multimedia experience, so it wasn’t just words that explained the concept to users: in conjunction with production company HT Media, we created videos to demonstrate the ten different exercise challenges.

Craig Bradshaw is our Head of Outreach, but he’s also a fitness fanatic—you might remember that he came 18th in the Yorkshire Marathon—so he put himself forward to demo everything from spotty dogs and advanced burpees to Spiderman press-ups and skip squats.

Online Marketing Executive Jenny Adair’s dulcet tones saw her nominated for the voiceover job, and she read informative, listener-friendly scripts written by gym-goer and Web Copywriter Lee Dover.

The result was high-quality, informative videos that will not only assist Decathlon Squared participants, but that will help establish the retailer as an industry authority and increase brand awareness over the long term. As the videos are posted to YouTube, there’s no doubt these visual exercise guides will attract views far after competitors have hung their trainers up.

The build-up

Ahead of the launch, we worked on ways to drum up interest around the event. Yours truly crafted an enthusiastic piece for the Decathlon newsletter, introducing readers to the concept and arousing anticipation for the first challenge, and our outreach team got out their little black books to contact top media representatives.

As we had designed the event to offer value to people in terms of fitness motivation, competition and fun—rather than focusing on advertising products or promoting the brand—the event also accrues links and shares naturally, generating huge benefit for Decathlon.

The Decathlon Squared site is now live, and the competition is on! If you would like to participate, you can register here.

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