Top 3 Things To Have In Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2019

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We’re always looking to innovate here at Mediaworks, finding new ways to help your business to succeed even more online. To ensure you’re in the best position to build your digital presence in 2019, here’s three actions that you must have in any digital marketing strategy — ignore them and you could quickly find yourself struggling to keep up with your competitors in an ever-growing and fiercely competitive online market…

1. Ideas for collaboration between brands

You needn’t go it alone in the digital marketing world! There are many cases of multiple brands working together to create engaging and highly successful content. This is because the companies involved can focus on their areas of expertise and then allow collaborating firms to enhance a concept further by working on what they specialise in.

Take the Stratos project from Red Bull and GoPro for instance. This project saw the two well-known firms presenting Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile plunge to Earth from a space pod. Red Bull was able to focus on the marketing push here, while GoPro had the product necessary to ensure the stunt could be carried out successfully.

Another example is the collaborative content that was created by Uber, Pandora and Spotify. The trio of companies assisted in personalising a consumer’s experience when they were using Uber’s ride-hailing service through their favourite music.

Have a think about the content that you’d like to create this year and then consider the brands that you can partner with to make your vision a reality. These firms don’t need to be your competitors, but instead those who provide either products or services that are tied to your industry.

2. Automation of paid campaigns

We know that the automation of paid campaigns is already available — it was one of Google releases in 2018 that helped leverage the amount of manual work needed to manage paid campaigns. However, we’re including it in this list as it’s set to become much more important moving forward.

At the moment, you can automate everything from bidding strategies and ad testing to new keyword opportunities and negative keyword curation. Expect to see the automation features that we’re already getting to grips with being improved as we move through 2019 though, on top of even more ‘smart’ features being launched.

You don’t need to be concerned that this will result in machines taking the jobs previously carried out by humans either. Instead, see it as a way for repetitive tasks to be completed automatically so that your employees can spend more time focusing on your brand’s customers.

3. Content that’s optimised for voice search

Across the globe, more and more people are making their voices heard. It is being done in a manner that the digital marketing industry needs to be paying attention to. According to voice technology news hub, there were 19.7 million smart speakers shipped worldwide in Q3 2018 alone. What’s more, over one billion devices now provide access to a voice assistant.

As the likes of Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri by Apple become part of more people’s lives then, content marketers should be seeing voice search optimisation as being a more important task.

One tip is to begin writing headlines so that they mimic the questions that members of the public are likely to ask their smart devices. Another word of advice is to increase your focus on producing how-to guides which will help your customers (possibly via the response that’s provided by a smart speaker) to better understand how to make use or care for products that they’ve purchased from you.

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