#DrummondPuddleWatch: The power of the puddle

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Move over Star Wars. On the afternoon of January 6th 2016, the UK was gripped by a new blockbuster: the Drummond puddle. Without a Hollywood actress in sight and no sign of a big budget, over 50,000 people from across the UK tuned in to watch a Periscope live stream of a large puddle in Newcastle. Yes, that’s right — a puddle.

It began as a humble spot of people watching, started by Drummond Central. As the viewers and tweets came flooding in, the live stream quickly became a must-watch social media sensation.

With surfboards and lilos in hand, the people of Newcastle — including a local radio reporter — flocked to the scene to get a slice of the action. Speaking of slices, a pizza delivery company even seized the opportunity for a spot of self-promotion. As momentum gained, the north east and beyond went crazy for #DrummondPuddleWatch — it even started trending on Twitter.

With news stories featured on the likes of the BBC, The Telegraph and The Independent, it’s hard to believe the buzz generated by a humble puddle, which was initially set up for Drummond Central’s own amusement.

So what does this soggy sensation teach us about marketing? Well, it shows that the simplest ideas are often best, as long as they are creative. For something to go viral, it needs to be easily digestible — make your audience work for what they want and there’s every chance they won’t bother.

In order for your campaign to be a success, it has to be relatable and something your audience will be interested in. The Drummond puddle taps into Britain’s love of people watching, becoming an instant success. Used by many as an escape during their first week back at work, this perfectly timed distraction appeals to all and, as its success shows, provides maximum reach.

It also teaches us the importance of reactivity. In order to stay at the cutting edge of your industry, you should be prepared to jump on the latest trends as and when they happen. As well as providing plenty of exposure for Drummond Central, many other brands have piggybacked on the live stream’s success, helping to shine the spotlight on themselves. Everyone from ASOS to Greggs and even Star Wars UK have got involved on Twitter, clearly demonstrating their marketing prowess.

In conclusion, never underestimate the power of the puddle! Creative, reactive campaigns can open many doors for you and your brand. We’ll leave you with a few of our favourite #DrummondPuddleWatch tweets:



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