Event recap: The Power of PPC

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On September 9th Mediaworks hosted our first webinar, during which our very own John Cave provided valuable insight into the power of PPC.


If you didn’t manage to tune in, you can watch the full webinar here, or read our handy run-through below:

Why PPC?

Dominating around 90 per cent of the industry, Google is the undisputed market leader, with 50 per cent of all site visits originating from the search engine. In addition, five per cent of site visits are through sponsored links. Though this figure seems relatively small, the huge number of Google users means it actually equates to a potential audience of millions.

Nowadays, paidadvertisements take up considerably more space on the SERPs, pushing organicresults further down. As such, PPC is an integral part of any search strategy.

Ensuring your ads rank

A crucial aspect of any AdWords campaign is your quality score. This score takes into account the following:

  • Historical click-through rate
  • Account history
  • Keyword and ad copy relevancy
  • Keyword and landing page relevancy
  • Landing page load time
  • Landing page experience

By examining these factors, Google assigns you a qualityscore. Generally speaking, meeting Google’s criteria will provide you with a higher rating, giving you an advantage in terms of advertisement ranking.

Selecting keywords

In order to ensure the success of your ad campaign, it’s crucial you choose the correct keywords. There are four main keyword categories:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Category
  • Generic

Brand and specific product keywords usually have a higher conversion rate as users are more advanced in the buying process: they know what they want and who they want to buy it from. Category and generic searches, however, normally deliver less conversions as they captures those at the start of the buying journey.

As keyword relevancy is a factor that can affect your quality score, it is important you select your keywords based on intent and not search volume. Ensuring there is a clear link between your keyword and chosen landing page is crucial to the success of your campaign.

Managing your campaign

The world of search is incredibly fast-paced and competitive. While you may think the hard work is done after setting up your campaign, it is actually just the start.

In order for your PPC strategy to be effective, you need to consistently monitor it. Through doing so, you can establish what time and day your potential customers are online, trial new ad copy techniques, reduce expenditure and help establish the quality of your keywords. This is key to harnessing the power of PPC.

Looking to the future

Our first webinar was such a huge success that we’re already planning our next one! Scheduled for October 7th, the webinar will see our Head of Creative Craig Bradshaw taking the reins to deliver the dos and don’ts of content marketing. Keep an eye out for more information soon — you don’t want to miss out.


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