Facebook Remarketing: The Next Best PPC Platform?

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Facebook Remarketing: The Next Best PPC Platform?

It was only a matter of time before Facebook pulled out the big guns to compete with Google’s AdWords platform and gain a bigger slice of the PPC pie.

And earlier in 2014, the social media giant did just that – launching (albeit on the down low) a Remarketing capability.

This means that anyone who has visited your website in the last 1-180 days (you choose) will be presented with a perfectly remarketed advert – on Facebook! What a way to target the platform’s 1.23 billion active monthly users.

How does this benefit brands?

Previously, Facebook only let brands target potential customers by demographics, interests and behaviour – which is still a very powerful pool of data. But now, with the help of being able to install a remarketing code via Custom Audiences, the possibilities are infinite.

Here’s a quick insight into the benefits of remarketing on Facebook for your company:

  • Recaptures indecisive customers
  • Increases conversions, improves revenue and lowers CPA
  • Increases the relevancy of your ad to potential customers
  • Allows you to choose Rules (such as visited URL/domain/path) – just like AdWords
  • Monitors user clicks down to category, sub-category and product level
  • Targets users that visit your website, yet haven’t Liked your Facebook page
  • Uses cookies only – user doesn’t need to be signed in to Facebook before browsing a website
  • Makes a multi-platform approach a reality – if they didn’t buy from AdWords or Organic search, then they may buy through Facebook


How does this benefit customers?

Ever since the right column adverts were introduced, Facebook users have been bombarded with adverts – many of which are irrelevant due to poor advertiser targeting. With the new remarketing adverts, users will be invited to complete a purchase on a product/service they have already researched online. These ads now become useful, as opposed to irrelevant.

Here are a few more benefits for the average Facebook user:

  • Less invasive – adverts only appear on Facebook, not Google Display Network sites
  • Gives users the opportunity to Like the Facebook page of their recently visited websites
  • Increases advert relevancy – based on real-time search terms and online behaviour


How does it work?

For anyone who is accustomed with Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel, or adding their AdWords remarketing code, the principle is essentially the same.

By creating a Custom Audience then naming your audience, completing website user Rules and adding a retention window of 1-180 days, your remarketing code is now available to copy and paste between the <head> and </head> tags in your website code.

Facebook Remarketing

After installing the pixel on your website, you can return to Facebook to create extra rules and target specific users as you usually would – by age, gender, location, interests, categories, etc.

As you can imagine, the potential of tapping into the billions of Facebook users is an exciting prospect – especially as they are a qualified lead having visited your website recently.

Whether you’re new to PPC in general, or have been running Facebook advertising campaigns for years, we urge you to take advantage of this brand new tool and get more from your ad spend.


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