Facebook turns 10: How it changed the digital marketing landscape

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Facebook turns 10: How it changed the digital marketing landscape

It has now been a decade since people began liking their friends’ thoughts and first accessed an easy portal by which to upload all kinds of photos and videos.

Yes, Facebook is ten years old. However, this should not just be a celebration in the world of social media – the site has done a lot to alter the digital marketing scene, and for the better.

This post will outline how Facebook has been good for businesses over the years and reasons why you should harness the potential of the site for your own company.


A few facts about Facebook

The Drum has published a handy infographic that perfectly demonstrates how much access businesses can receive by setting up and promoting their Facebook page.

Have a look through the infographic and you will find that the social media giant currently has 1.23 billion active monthly users – 945 million of whom visit the site through their mobile devices.

As a result, your Facebook page could potentially be viewed by a population that is around the size of the number of people living across India. That huge figure is sure to prove appetising to marketers who have a digital campaign to promote and would like to broadcast it around the world in an instant.


Reasons why new businesses should find Facebook appealing

You also have plenty of opportunities to get people talking about your company via Facebook – particularly useful if you are just a start-up looking to achieve instant success.

Peter Kafka, a reporter from Recode, has recently published an interesting graph that analyses the amount of referral traffic from the social media site to web publisher BuzzFeed compared to that of search engine giant Google.

While the two portals were almost neck and neck with around 40 million referrals each in December 2011, the gap has stretched to an estimated 160 million referrals for Facebook and just over 40 million referrals for Google by December 2013.

Then there is an ice cream shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, which provides a great case study of why those just setting up a business should take Facebook seriously.

The Orange Leaf store has only been open in the American city for close to a year. Despite this, the company’s official Facebook page has so far managed to receive more than 1,000 likes, on top of a long list of positive comments and reviews.


Facebook in the next 10 years and beyond

While we have touched on a lot of success that Facebook has achieved in the past, the next few years could prove to be the best yet for the social media site.

Having an estimated 1.23 billion active users is one impressive feat for any online company, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is determined to add to that stat significantly.

In a post on his own Facebook page, the well-known entrepreneur wrote: “Today, only one-third of the world’s population has access to the internet. In the next decade, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to connect the other two-thirds.”

Should Mr Zuckerberg’s predictions be correct, you could soon be able to promote your business to the entire world through one easy-to-run page.

You would also be wise to get on board with Facebook Graph Search, if you haven’t already. An innovative search function on the social media site that can connect users with sites and attractions just by querying where friends have visited, there are now plans in place to make the feature available on mobile sites.

Seeing as though word of mouth was a great marketing strategy long before the internet was invented, the Graph Search function has the potential to see one happy customer leading to many more coming through your doors to sample the services on offer.


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