Facts & Stats for Retailers to Consider for a Very Merry Christmas

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Retailers throughout the UK will no doubt be getting ready for the festive period, with shoppers gearing up to begin their Christmas shopping for friends and loved ones — if they haven’t already. To make sure that you’re ready, we’ve looked at some of the facts and stats related to festive seasons in years gone by — the insights below could even help you get a step ahead of the competition…

Consider everything that someone Christmas shopping will be looking for

It’s likely that you’ve already considered the products that you expect to be your best-sellers this Christmas period, doing everything you can to promote these so that they sell by the bucketload. You may also be looking to promote the Christmas essentials among your product range which witness a spike in popularity in the run up to the big day —things like wrapping paper, for example.

However, do you also stock some items which are not instantly associated with the festive season but have so many people searching for them? According to Think with Google, searches for ‘indigestion tablets’ will increase on December 3rd before reaching a peak three weeks later — Christmas week itself! On a similar train of thought, the search volume around ‘batteries’ begins to rise as we move through December and reaches a spike between the week of December 24th to 30th.

If you sell these less obvious products related to the festive period, it’s wise to give them a bit of promotion. Not only may you get some quick purchases, but shoppers may be intrigued by the rest of your product range while they’re on your website ahead of proceeding to the checkout.

The power of ‘where to buy’ searches and the click-and-collect delivery option

Just like with every year, there will be some people who leave their Christmas shopping to a few days before the big day and then panic that they haven’t left enough time to buy presents. In fact, Think with Google has stated that searches for ‘where to buy’-related keywords will peak between December 18th and 23rd — a time of the year that typically falls just after the festive posting deadline.

If you have in-demand products available, consider keeping your ads running throughout the entire month of December and then offer a click-and-collect delivery option so that shoppers can secure their presents even if they’ve left it to the last minute.

Paula Nickolds, managing director at John Lewis, has highlighted the appeal of click-and-collect and being an omnichannel retailer by pointing out to Marketing Week: “Most of our sales are driven by a combination of channels. People browse online, buy on tablet and pick-up in store. Retailers have to be omnichannel; stores versus online is a flawed way of looking at performance.”

Running ads which target your local area during the festive period will also be wise, especially when you consider Think with Google’s statement that three in four people who carry out a local search on Google end up visiting a related business within 24 hours.

Take the time to create a Christmas ad that gets people talking

There is no doubt about it, your TV screens are going to be flooded with Christmas-themed commercials over the next couple of months. According to statistics from Nielsen, ad-spend was calculated at £5.9 billion in the UK during Q4 2017 — that’s up 37 per cent over the last five years!

We’re not just watching Christmas adverts now either. During the same season, Factivia stated that there were more than 700 articles in the national press discussing festive-themed ads. The Advertising Association also found that 47 per cent of Brits were apparently moved to tears due to a Christmas commercial that aired in 2017 and 33 per cent said that they were looking forward to these types of adverts more than that year’s Christmas movie releases.

Spend some time creating an impactful and attention-grabbing Christmas advert then and there’s a good chance from the figures above that a lot of people will have your brand on their minds and its name on the tip of their tongues throughout the busy festive period.

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