How to get started with Google Customer Reviews

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It was recently revealed that Google is replacing its Google Trusted Stores program with Google Customer Reviews.

The release of Google Customer Reviews gives online retailers the opportunity to customise a Google badge (an emblem that is made up of a set of five stars and the Google logo) and code it into your site. As well as giving more customisation options, the service gives you access to enhanced account management tools and all-new insights — saving you time and giving you better access to your seller rating.

Knowing your seller rating is something that you shouldn’t take lightly — it could be a deciding factor between visitors making a purchase and not.

As well as placing a star rating out of five alongside the Google logo, verified Google Customer Reviews can only be submitted by customers who have made an online purchase on your website. This eliminates the chances of a review coming through from someone who bought something from your physical stores, as well as those who haven’t even used your services.

The process for a customer to submit one of these verified reviews is simple:

  1. A customer makes an online purchase.
  2. An email is sent to the customer with a link that asks that they submit a review about the site where they made the purchase.
  3. Each submitted review counts towards a site’s verified Google Customer Reviews seller rating, with independent data providers and Google surveys also contributing to this rating.

Does Google Customer Reviews sound like something that you want to see on your site? Here’s how to enable it for free:

  1. Start by either signing up or signing into your Merchant Center account.
  2. Hover over the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of your account and select ‘Merchant Center programs’.
  3. On the Google Customer Reviews card, select ‘Get Started’.
  4. Accept the Program Agreement.
  5. Add the survey opt-in code onto your website.
  6. If you like, add the badge code onto your website wherever you want your seller rating to be displayed. This final step is entirely optional — by opting into Google Customer Reviews, your seller rating will already appear on Google Shopping and your AdWords text ads.


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