Google confirms broad core algorithm update

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Noticed a shift in your website’s search rankings in the past week? On April 20th 2018, Google took to Twitter to confirm the release of a broad core algorithm update.

Many marketers will be familiar with these updates, as they are routine and happen several times a year. You may have noticed either ranking improvements or drops for your site’s pages, or you may not have seen any changes at all.

Google itself confirmed that the update is intended to improve the ranking performance of pages that were previously under-rewarded. If you have witnessed a drop in rankings, Google has confirmed that ‘there’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well’. It is instead likely that boosting the rankings of previously under-rewarded pages has simply impacted your position within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

While there are no specific actions that can be taken to cater to this broad core search algorithm update, Google recommends ‘remaining focused on building great content’ to give your site the opportunity of being rewarded through subsequent updates.

As a little refresher, here are the essential elements of creating great content:

  • Useful & informative — whether you’re answering a particular search query or presenting information about your business, make sure your content gives users what they are looking for. Remember that the end user is your main focus — and by catering your content to them, you’ll in-turn be rewarded by Google.
  • Check out the competition — identify what content is already out there for the search terms you want to rank for and establish how you can differentiate your content and make it better. Keep your content original — copying can lead to a penalty from Google.
  • Well-optimised — ensure the page content is well-optimised around your target search keywords, while still remaining readable and user-centric.
  • Written well — it’s important that your content is free from grammatical or spelling errors, as this can impact the trustworthiness of your brand.

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