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The way users interact with content online has changed dramatically in recent years. Before YouTube made a name for itself, most people would scroll through blogs to find the information that they needed — but this has all changed. Video is now the more dominant avenue for both brands and customers alike.

That’s not to say that video is more important than the blog content. Both approaches offer their own set of benefits when it comes to the customer purchasing journey. Contrary to popular belief, blog and video content often go hand-in-hand when it comes to conquering the search engine.

The path to purchase

The current misconception within marketing is that search and video are two distinct channels that need separate strategies to be effective. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Brands need to be adjusting their marketing methods to understand this.

It’s time to start thinking from the perspective of your customers. Users often experience both Google Search and YouTube together as critical resources on their path to purchase. Therefore, when utilised correctly, they can influence each other to generate an impressive ROI.

Core considerations

When it comes to using both Google Search and YouTube in your marketing methods, it’s important to understand that customers move through the purchase journey on their own terms. With this, they often shift between the two lanes before taking any action — i.e. buying a product.

Research from Google supports this claim:

  • 80% of people say they typically switch between online search and video when researching products to buy.
  • 55% of people search for a product on Google, and then learn more by going to YouTube before they buy it.

People use video to learn more about a product after discovering said product through Google Search. Videos allow customers to view an item before they make a purchase. More importantly, they get to see how someone else has used it first-hand. The user can also see credible and authentic reviews too, which is why influencer marketing must be a consideration.

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