Google announces plans to cancel inactive AdWords accounts

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If you’ve grown frustrated with Google AdWords operating speeds, listen up — Google recently announced plans that intends to help the tool run more quickly.

On 20th March, Google announced in a tweet that they would be deactivating AdWords accounts that had no spend over the past 15 months. These accounts will be automatically cancelled, with affected users receiving an email notification.

If you do need access to your AdWords account once it has been cancelled, you are able to reactivate them. You’ll still be able to log into the account in the meantime, where you’ll see a notification about your account’s cancellation.

However, should you reactivate your account yet fail to serve ads for three months following its reactivation, your account will be cancelled again. Remember that cancelled accounts will not be accessible through the Google AdWords API. Before you can access the API’s data or make any changes, you will first need to reactivate the account.

The removal of inactive accounts will benefit existing AdWords users in terms of the tool’s speed. For those users who have dormant AdWords account, here are just a few of the benefits running an AdWords campaign can have:

  • Present your brand, products and services to your target audience at the time when they are actively searching.
  • Gain measured insight into the success of your campaign performance, including impressions, click-through rates and conversions.
  • Set your own budgets based on the terms you’re bidding on — and you’ll only pay when your ads are clicked.
  • Boost the ROI of your ads with location, device, language and time targeting.
  • Target past visitors through your site with remarketing to remind them of specific products or services.
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