New Google tools underline importance of mobile sites

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In recent years, it has become very difficult to ignore mobile. Its continued growth has seen mobile usage outweigh the traditional desktop PC, as users become increasingly reliant on smartphones to provide the information they want instantaneously, regardless of location.

Discussions of the importance of mobile for brands are plentiful, yet some brands are still delivering a substandard performance on smartphone devices. This is difficult to understand when you consider Google research that shows 61% of users are unlikely to return to a difficult-to-use mobile site, while 40% said encountering these problems would drive them to a competitor.

Mobile now occupies a large proportion of the average user’s total media time, yet so many brands are leaving their mobile performance to chance. Google’s aim is to deliver a superior search experience for users, so the search engine actively encourages site owners to constantly improve their digital offering.

Recently, Google announced two new tools that webmasters can use to better understand the type of mobile experience they are delivering. We explain more below:

Mobile Scorecard

Sometimes, site owners are unaware that their mobile experience is below par because of a lack of benchmarking. If they have nothing to compare their performance against, how will issues be identified?

Mobile Scorecard harnesses the data from the Chrome User Experience report to compare the speeds of multiple sites when using mobile devices. Site owners can input their own URL against one of their competitors to see just how they are faring within their niche. This comparison can be done across 12 countries and 4G as well as 3G connections.

Conversion Impact Calculator

If the Mobile Scorecard tool wasn’t enough to shock you into action, the Conversion Impact Calculator will. Essentially, this tool converts your mobile page load speed into a monetary value — showing you exactly how much you can stand to lose or gain depending on your page load speed.

The tool works on the principle that each second delay leads to a drop in conversions by up to 20% for retail sites. By capturing initial data from webmasters around average monthly visitors, average order value and conversion rates, the tool can present you with an estimated figure of potential annual revenue impact.

This tool could be particularly useful for marketing managers who need to justify their investments to secure budgets for a site development or improvement project.

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