Google introduces AMP Stories format

Following the social media storm caused by Snapchat’s latest update, some users are looking for their mobile content fix elsewhere — so could Google’s new AMP Stories be the answer?

Google’s AMP Stories is a new way of telling stories through visually rich content — the stories feature limited text and rely heavily on images. Similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, they are primarily aimed at mobile users, although they are available on desktop too.

According to reports, Google has worked closely with publishers during the rollout of AMP Stories, gathering extensive feedback to help further refine the service. However, while AMP Stories has been released, Google is keen to stress that it is still in the experimental stages.

AMP Stories aim to generate more engagement from users, through quick, easily digestible content that users can consume on-the-go. The rollout illustrates how shifting user behaviours and the continued dominance of mobile are changing how we approach content creation.

Publishers are encouraged to create specific content for AMP Stories, rather than just repurposing existing content which could lead to canonical and consistency issues. Of course, Google also has a paid focus within AMP Stories, whether that’s through interstitial display ads or sponsored content.

So what do AMP Stories mean for brands? Essentially, it adds another string to your content bow — you now have another potential format to use to drive audience engagement. This could help improve the reach of your content marketing projects, so it’s worth bearing in mind.

Likewise, the paid ad opportunities offered by AMP Stories could provide yet another avenue for brand exposure.

As we’ve already mentioned, AMP Stories are still in the experimental stages. Only time will tell how successful they will be, although initial reviews from publishers are undoubtedly positive.

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