Gotta catch ‘em all – Mediaworks hunts Pokémon

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After much anticipation, Pokémon GO was officially released in the UK on 14th July.

Here at Team Mediaworks, lots of our staff have fond memories of playing the game as kids, wandering through tall virtual grass trying to capture rare monsters and raise them as our companions.


With the release of the app, which fuses AR with Geolocation services to create a real-time Pokémon hunting experience, we’ve found our new obsession.

We’ve had some encounters in the office already – from a Zubat in our entrance hall to a Rattata on our desks, they’re everywhere!


Digital dominance

Pokémon GO has already rocketed to the top spot in apps around the world, with a reported 21 million active daily players in the U.S alone. It is officially the biggest mobile game in U.S history and already reports are claiming that users are spending more time playing Pokémon GO than they are browsing Facebook.

How popular will it be in the UK? Well – a quick look at this Google Trends graph of the game versus other viral topics might surprise you. It seems well on track to be the biggest game ever released by a LONG shot.

screen grab

The app is currently making an estimated $2 million in revenue per day, with that number only heading upwards. Nintendo’s stock has also risen more than 50% since the app was released. This isn’t just a game – it’s a viral phenomenon.

Some sneaky users in the UK have been playing by downloading the APK file before the official release – so keen Pokémon trainers will have to catch up by heading out to explore the world around them. Here at Mediaworks, we’re going to have to keep catching ‘em all until the weekend…

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