How CRO Can Help Your Marketing Campaigns

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At its core, a good marketing campaign brings customers to your business. But the downfall of many marketing campaigns is to stop there.  Sure, you’ve made progress and you’ve implemented a thorough PPC campaign with expert use of brand bidding to ensure your company ranks highly on Google. You’ve created a fantastic SEO campaign, and your content is being pitched to editors and journalists. Your potential customers have found your website, and you can see your traffic levels increasing.

This is a good marketing campaign. But you can make it a great one.

With your customers already visiting your website, it’s time to look at how conversion rate optimisation (CRO) can help turn those new visitors into new customers. CRO is often treated as a stand-alone service. While it can be used this way, it is a potent way to support both your SEO and PPC campaigns.


CRO and SEO work together to bring your brand name to potential customers. SEO’s aim is to increase traffic to your website through a strong set of backlinks and perfectly optimised content on your website. With your new visitors there, CRO steps in to ensure your website delivers the perfect user journey. As with SEO, the user experience CRO helps to build is becoming increasingly important in the eyes of the algorithms that rank your business.

It’s easy to see why these two channels work so well together. Put simply, SEO points people to your website, and CRO ensures they stay and convert to customers!


PPC enables a business to pay for premium placements of adverts, such as in the top two listings on Google. As you are paying per click, you are essentially paying to be put before the eyes of potential customers. The pages you choose for these PPC ads are important — this is where your visitor will land after clicking on an advert you’ve paid for. Just like with SEO’s optimised content for organic links, you want PPC advert links to land on engaging, fluid pages that your potential customer will be able to navigate easily.

This is where CRO works alongside PPC. With CRO, you can optimise the pages you’re using for your PPC ads to bring a fantastic user journey for your potential customer. As with CRO and SEO, this relationship between CRO and PPC is crucial for converting new visitors into new, paying customers!

Transforming traffic

If SEO and PPC are increasing the traffic to your website, then CRO is transforming that traffic into conversions. This is why it is vital to consider CRO as more than just a stand-alone service — it works best hand-in-hand with SEO and PPC.

Increasing your budget to bring more traffic to your website is great, but it’s important to have a website that is built around your customers. If your website has a conversion rate of 50 per cent, that is good! But consider that there’s 50 per cent leaving your website without a purchase.

Your conversion rate might be a lot lower than you realise too. Did you know that most websites convert at just three per cent? That’s 97 per cent potential conversions to tap into! No matter how good your traffic drive is, you need those conversions at the end to call your marketing campaign a success as a whole.

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