How is a Global Pandemic Impacting Consumer Healthcare Customers?

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Consumer healthcare is more important than ever. Our top 5 trends will help you shape a marketing plan that places customers at the heart and ensures you understand the opportunities for your brand.


For further details on our consumer healthcare marketing strategy trends, download PDF: Consumer-Healthcare-Marketing-in a-Crisis

1. It’s good to talk

It’s not often that marketeers find themselves in a position where consumers actually want to hear from brands, but now is that time. 33% of consumers said they wanted to hear more from healthcare and pharma brands at the moment, so make sure you are being heard—consumer healthcare is no longer a low interest category.

Ensure you are running activity whether that’s above the line communication, paid social or PPC. Consumers particularly want to hear from the people in your company (front line staff 38% and the CEO/founder 31%) so consider communications that place your experts at the forefront.

2. Trust me i’m a brand

Consumer trust in brands has been declining for years with 41% of people saying they don’t believe advertising or marketing communications. Conversely, 81% of people said that brand trust was an important factor in purchasing behaviour which suggests the marketing industry has some headway to make until we meet consumer expectation.

At a time when people have placed heightened value on their wellbeing, healthcare brands will be under more scrutiny. It’s important that communications build trust in the product—focus messaging efforts on efficacy, experts and transparency of ingredients.

3. Family first

Unsurprisingly, many healthcare brands have seen a boom in sales over the last month. However, topping that list is children’s medicine with +228% category growth. In a time fraught with anxiety and worry we are placing more emphasis on those closest to us.

If you have a family SKU then consider upweighting communications around this product to support consumer demand. Brands may also be able to drive relevance by using family life in messaging and visuals.

4. Mind and body

COVID-19 hasn’t just had a catastrophic effect on our physical health, it’s deeply impacted our mental health too. Since lockdown was announced on the 24th March, research has indicated there has been 112% increase in people demonstrating symptoms of anxiety.

Support consumers’ wellbeing by creating communications that could help them manage a time of uncertainty and stress. Look to provide content around areas such as sleep, exercise, diet or mindfulness.

5. On the money

As more people are reluctant to go to the shops, we are seeing an increase in online retail (+23% online grocery shopping and +18% online non-grocery shopping), and as social distancing measures are likely to be enforced over the upcoming quarters it’s important for brands to make their products easily available online.

Set up Amazon stores to sell direct to consumer and optimise listings  (especially product attributions) to ensure they gain good visibility. Also undertake an audit of all e-retailer listings to ensure that information and  artwork are up to date.

If you need any further support or information then do not hesitate to contact the Mediaworks team.

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