How to start a fashion blog

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In a digital world, self-expression is everywhere. Whether it’s famous Vloggers like Zoella placing a camera on their lives via Youtube, or talented writers taking to the internet to review products, build relationships and pursue their passions, the web is awash with individual voices who attract massive audiences.

In the ‘Blog-o-sphere’, fashion is one of the most popular topics of all. Regardless of gender, if you’ve got a good sense for fashion and don’t mind being photographed, you can build a blog that will let you express yourself and gain a loyal readership. It can be fun, creative and lucrative. It’s also hard work. Here are our top tips from some of the UK’s leading fashion bloggers. But first, a few of our own…

Buy an independent domain

  • Whichever platform you go for (WordPress and Blogger are the most popular) it’s worth buying your own unique domain name for increased authority and that professional look. Install your platform using a guide like this one. 

Write great content

  • Don’t go for the easy, low-effort posts. Offer value to your readers, with how-tos, tutorials, look-books and style guides.

Build up your social accounts

  • Launching a blog is great, but without social media you won’t get noticed. Your first step when blogging is to set up social accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. At the very least, these provide a no-follow backlink to your new website – so get them set up quickly.

Build meaningful links

  • Despite ongoing changes to Google’s algorithm, you’ll need good content and links to stand out online. The best way to build links is to network with other bloggers and fashion domains.

Time for the experts – Tips from fashion bloggers

While we’ve worked with our fair share of bloggers, we aren’t living fashion day-in, day-out. For truly expert advice, we’ve contacted some of our favourite fashion bloggers for their top tips for people wondering how to start a fashion blog…


The Style Rawr

We would advise new bloggers to network on social media as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and get chatting to fellow bloggers, brands and media teams!

The Style Rawr – Twitter: @TheStyleRawr

Samantha Maria

I would say that a top tip I’ve learned would be to be tenacious and to keep yourself inspired and tapped into where the blogging community is headed and what people are interested in, aswell as making sure you honestly love the content you are creating.

Samantha Maria – Twitter: @TheBeautycrush

A Life With Frills

Photography is everything. People want to see clothes looking beautiful and inspiring, so take time on this aspect

A life with frills – Twitter: @alifewithfrills

fabuleuse, toujours • life, style & beauty

Don’t underestimate the importance of good quality images – that doesn’t mean buying a fancy camera! But it pays to put thought into putting your own personal touch into your photos. Think about location & props!

Fabulese, toujours – Twitter: @sineadsaintelle


Don’t worry about being too perfect, just go for it and have fun! Write with honesty and passion and your blogging skills will improve in their own sweet time! Even the biggest bloggers started with basic themes and dodgy iPhone photos!

Fashion for Lunch – Twitter: @labelsforlunch


Always remember you are your own niche – and that makes your fashion blog unique! Trust your judgement, make mistakes only to rise up & learn from them

Pret-a-Reporter – Twitter: @elozovska


When you’re putting a blog post together, take a step back and evaluate whether you’d genuinely enjoy reading it yourself. If the answer is yes, then the chances are – others will too!

Scarlett London – Twitter: @Scarlett_London


Think for your followers. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of blogging but if you keep assessing whether your content is valuable for your readers, you’ll be on to a winner. Are you offering something new and unique for them? Are they going to learn something new by reading your blog post? Do they need to see 100 photos of you standing in the same pose? Think like a follower and they will love you back.

Shiny Thoughts – Twitter: @shinythoughts


When setting up a fashion blog create content you enjoy seeing, try and take your fashion shots on location and use great backgrounds to stand out. If you haven’t got anyone to help you take photos then use a tripod and a remote control, these are lifesavers and save so much time!

Glambeutys – Twitter: @LizaPrideaux


Blogging is fun but also hard work! Don’t expect overnight success, it takes time and a lot of hard work. When it comes to social media, focus on two or three – don’t try to be jack of all trades and make sure you read and comment on other blogs you like. My last tip has to do with pictures, always use good quality big pictures on your blog!

Running in Lavender – Twitter: @HeleddLavender


My number 1 tip is to start building up good quality outfit posts – anything visual to start with will attract people!

What Emma Did – Twitter: @WhatEmmaDid_


My advice would be to take every opportunity that comes your way, even if it’s something you’ve not tried before. For example, vlogging can be scary, but worthwhile! Don’t be afraid to get to grips with something new and take advantage of the chance to learn.

Victoria’s Vintage Blog – Twitter: @victoriajane6


Rachel Nicole

Be original, create content that you are passionate about and what you would like to read.  Also, a great layout with stand out images will grasp the reader’s attention.

Rachel Nicole – Twitter: @Rachhh_xo


Don’t be afraid to stand out. Bring something different to the table, with your style, writing voice, photos or blog series. Make it YOU, and you will create a space for your blog in the crowded fashion blogging world.

Fashion & Style Police – Twitter: @Olojay


My best advice for fashion bloggers is to take as many photos as possible! There’s nothing worse than uploading your photos to your computer to find they’re out of focus or your leg is in a funny pose. Photos always look different on your viewfinder, so it’s better to have plenty of choice than have to use photos you’re not 100% happy with.

Skinnedcartree – Twitter: @skinnedcartree


One of the biggest things I’ve learned from bogging is never to compare myself with others. As hard as it may seem, it’s best to set your own goals, do your research and work towards them at your own pace.

A Style Diary – Twitter:@AStyleDbyBanke



Be honest to yourself.  Be yourself.  There is no competition other than the one within you.  Being genuine is the best reward!

What I’m trying to convey here is that a lot of bloggers become extremely competitive.  It’s not all about numbers, it’s about a loyal following  (even if it’s small) and being yourself.  Even the biggest success won’t feel as such if you’re lying.  Do what you love because you love it, and that’s it.  Not because you want to be a celebrity and have your picture taken.  Remember where you came from and be humble.  Blogging is just another job, but it just happens to be amazing.

Whitney’s wonderland – Twitter:@whitswonderland


This post will be continually updated throughout 2016 – so if you’re a fashion blogger and we don’t know about you, get in touch with a top tip and we’ll feature you! 


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