Can Mediaworks Predict Who Will Win I'm A Celebrity... 2019?

I’m A Celebrity… is back on our screens and continues to enthral the UK’s TV viewers. This year’s launch show was one of the most watched TV programmes so far in the UK, with 10 million tuning in.

With such pulling power comes huge social interaction. Mediaworks has analysed a sample of 100 tweets about each celebrity every day to gauge public opinion on our most popular celebrities.

Can the sentiment in our tweets accurately predict the outcome of this year’s jungle competition?

What Is Social Sentiment Analysis?

Social sentiment analysis allows us to see whether people are being discussed positively or negatively on social media. Using AI technology, Mediaworks will analyse 100 tweets for each I’m a Celebrity contestant to establish the level of viewer support for them. We will assign a score for each contestant every day based on new tweets that come through.

What Is The Sentiment Score Based On?

The sentiment value scores each campmate out of 100 and is then automatically calculated as an average for that day and plotted on the interactive graph.

Track the Twittersphere reaction from the previous day’s episode below by clicking on each celebrity to compare their daily sentimental score in comparison to the rest of the camp:

The data presented by Mediaworks above is a sample and does not reflect the views and opinions of Mediaworks, nor is it representative of the entire population. The data presented is subject to third party machine learning algorithms, as well as human interpretation.

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