The importance of original data in content

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Have you cracked the code to successful content creation? Probably not. There are multiple components that contribute to exceptional copy that brands are leaving out when it comes to writing effective content for their business – whether this is for onsite optimisation or for link building purposes.

It’s never been more important to strike a balance between presenting readers with relevant information and capturing original data for content creation. Whether you’re a leading fashion retailer or have a niche audience, like a catering supplies company, there’s no limit to the performance you can endure through creative, informative and relevant content — and that’s what our team does best.

You have 15 seconds

55% of visitors will read your content for 15 seconds or less — so you need to make your first few lines desirable. If you’re still reading this, we’ve done our job, as you’re invested and you want to find out more.

You need to be constantly questioning your thought process when it comes to creating content: ask the questions that you may not want to know the answers to. If someone can find the same information you’re providing in your content piece elsewhere, then they likely will. You need to be engaging, enthusiastic, and most importantly, offer your expertise on the subject at hand; allowing you to present yourself as a thought-leader in your sector.

Of course, there are different ways your business can contribute to content to boost its performance — whether this is providing a quote on the subject or extracting your own data (such as sales patterns) that make it completely new and intriguing to both readers and editors.

New search techniques

Google occupies most of the search market, and we know that 20% of searches are made via voice which is crucial for your brand. This means that you’re now tasked with the challenge to consider voice searches when optimising your onsite content or creating outreach assets which can be difficult to come to terms with.

A creative process

There’s a science behind creating engaging content — and only a few know the key ingredients to making it worthwhile. Although the physicality of creating the content will come down to a highly skilled copywriter, the initial process should involve everyone across the campaign in a bid to drive beneficial results to a brand. However, that’s not to say that the direction and strategy decisions should only be limited to those involved with the account.

“Creativity is key to copywriting. To launch and run a successful campaign, it’s important to bring together a variety of ideas, opinions, topics, and original data to appeal to a range of demographics while positioning your brand as an expert in its field.” — Louise Richardson, Copywriter.

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