The Importance of UX Design in Apps

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You might have a fully optimised website fit for mobile, but have you ever thought about creating an app for your brand? Developing and designing an app is still relatively new for a lot of markets, but consumers now have a demand for them and are expecting businesses to meet that mandate.

With app development only just growing in popularity, it has never been more convenient for your business to jump on the trend to deliver an exceptional, personalised customer experience — while increasing profits at the same time.

What Consumers Expect

Both your website and brand app should go hand-in-hand, offering similar if not identical services to your consumer. You want their journey to be streamlined, allowing them to carry out similar tasks no matter which platform they decide to use.

Although your main objective may be to increase installation numbers at first, you should be looking at ways to keep consumers from pressing the delete button – and this can all be achieved through utilising an excellent user experience.

It’s not impossible either, and there are many apps achieving great results because of it. Look at the Facebook app in comparison to the website, for example. It mirrors almost every component and grants users access to every feature included when surfing the website on a desktop. From the instant news feed appearance to side menus and the bottom notification panel (friend requests, marketplace updates and notifications), everything can be accessed in an easy way.

What Your App Should Offer

Users are looking for a linear experience – think three steps: beginning, middle and end. This should be the only route your consumer has to take to complete one action. With this, the user can also estimate how much time is required to complete the task. For retail brands, this could be as simple as allowing consumers to browse your online catalogue, add to their basket and checkout; which is extremely important when figures show that 40% of online transactions occurred through mobile.

With technology constantly changing and smartphones like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 recently being introduced with new and improved designs, it’s become even more intense for app creators to consider how everything looks visually – especially with frameless devices offering more space for users to interact with. Keeping this in mind, it’s crucial that everything fits perfectly because your app’s assets will have a direct impact on how your customer feels. If your images turn pixelated, that’s an instant turn-off.

Biometric authorisation is another way that you can enhance the user experience on your app – replacing the traditional login methods such as email and passwords. Although this isn’t a new development in the digital world, Apple stated that the average iPhone user unlocks their device 80 times each day and 89% use Touch ID to do so. To incorporate biometric into an app, all you need is some sort of physiological or behavioural characteristic, such as facial recognition or a fingerprint. This can help increase security for both end users and businesses.

With an estimated 2.53bn smartphone users by the end of 2018, that’s a lot of people of people carrying their device on the move. With this in mind, you should be looking to personalise your customers’ experience based on their location and push through relevant notifications that will likely interest them. This will make the service more responsive to the environments they find themselves in and some companies are already making use of this – suck as Starbucks, who push through notifications when you’re near a store and recommend offers and deals they have available.

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