Instagram Launches Shopping: What Does it Mean for Digital Marketing?

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Last week, Instagram announced that users can now buy products directly on the app. So far, only users from the US can access the new integration which has been rolled out to 23 of the biggest brands on the platform such as Kylie Cosmetics and Adidas.

In a bid to make shopping easier, consumers can now access the full checkout process without leaving the app, meaning the photo-sharing platform can keep users consuming content after they’ve made their purchase.

Why have Instagram Moved into E-Commerce?

As Facebook have been steadily improving their shopping functionality, the move into e-commerce should have been expected for Facebook-owned Instagram.

The app currently boasts over 1 billion users, with over 10% intentionally searching product tags through shopping posts every month.

So far, it has been announced that organic posts can only feature the checkout option, but with Facebook ad spend expected to reach £2.5 billion this year, the cash cow that is social media advertising could be the next step for Instagram.

What does Instagram Shopping mean for Digital Marketing?

The option of checkout will provide great competition with Google Shopping as consumers can go directly to the brand page to purchase the product type they want. What Instagram can do that Google can’t is provide a shopping centre like experience. Users can scroll through followed accounts and let the product catch their attention, similar to walking into a shop and discovering the newest pair of shoes.

As the Instagram Shopping feature beta becomes a reality and more brands start using the option, Instagram will have a pool of valuable data displaying users shopping history. Targeted ads will become valuable for brands especially if the cost to host ads is as low as Facebook is.

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