Is your website fit for mobile?

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The mobile experience has become a prominent part of every customer journey online. Our smartphone can be seen as our most loyal companion, with Statista estimating that around 94% of adults in the UK own their own mobile device. As we prosper through the digital age, we’re becoming more reliant on them too. Google suggests that 67% of the UK’s internet users rely on their smartphone as much as, or more than, a desktop or tablet.

As a result, we’ve seen a direct shift in customer behaviour, which has led to increase attention for mobile commerce. By 2021, mobile generated sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales, highlighting the urgency for brands to act now.

Your customers have higher expectations

With the high street in decline, this is your chance to shine online. Continual increase in mobile sales mean you need to be focusing on that area of your business. This is where your customers are, and where prospective customers will be looking.

You may have a functional website, but if this isn’t compliant with mobile use then users will turn away. They won’t give you a second thought, and will head straight to your competitors. 65% of UK consumers have said that they will switch from a poorly designed mobile site for a better alternative.

Advantages of mobile commerce

A website that is designed for mobile commerce will offer you many advantages as a business. For example, it will allow you to offer customers an even greater experience with your brand.

Unlike an outdated in-store experience structure, your customers can have full visibility of your products. You can also offer more competitive pricing at the click of a few buttons, meaning you’re in full control of your catalogue offerings.

Mobile commerce can go further than your website though — so always think outside of the box. Brands like IKEA are introducing augmented reality apps to complement their mobile commerce business which is truly revolutionising the landscape for retailers. Aside from that, chatbots and messenger apps are becoming more common to give users real-time insight.

Not only this, your website can add a variety of payment options which has now become a necessity in the digital age. From Apple Pay and PayPal One Touch, to Visa Checkout and even Amazon Pay, there’re a magnitude of payment methods that can help you set your brand apart from the rest.

Focus areas

When it comes to mastering your wider mobile presence, you need to consider the findability of your website. Once users search for your brand, or your target keyword, are they taken to the most appropriate page? When they’ve arrived onto your site, can the search tool help them find what products or service they’re looking for? You need to make sure that all of this happens quickly too, as site speed is another important factor regarding the success of your site performance.

For product pages in particular, are these presented clearly and consistently? This is where you need to focus on the images and descriptions — where you definitely should be promoting a call to action.

After customers have been convinced to make a purchase following your creative copy, they might sign up to an account rather than shopping as a guest. When it comes to registration and conversions, you need to make sure that the forms are easy to complete. As well as this, there much be a full price breakdown provided so your customers are confident in what they are buying.

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