The Key To Finding Local Customers

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It’s no secret that digital advertising is a major area of any online marketing strategy, especially for brands who are looking to grow their customer base. This also applies to smaller businesses who want to capture a local audience but have no real reach or knowledge on where to start when it comes to the wonders of the online world.

There are some tips and tricks that you must consider to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction with your campaign. As well as this, you don’t want to be wasting your money focusing on areas that you aren’t confident in, as this will undoubtedly lead to a terrible ROI.

If you’re looking to expand the opportunities for your brand in your local area, Mediaworks has put together a list of top tips to utilise.

Identify your audience

For any business that is looking to benefit from the support of local customers, it’s important to know who they are and tailor your brand accordingly to their needs. Build up a profile which could include their age, gender, purchase history, and location, to ensure your campaigns are performing at their highest.

Know your goals

Every marketing campaign requires structured goals — and you should tailor these to the kind of relationship you’ve developed with your customers. Whether you want them to visit your physical store or ecommerce website, you need to keep this in mind when it comes to advertising. By adding a more personal touch to your advertising campaign that appeals to locals, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from bigger competitors who aren’t entirely based in your area.

Test your advertisements

It’s important to understand that customers respond to advertisements differently, so this is where testing the water will come in handy. Develop a range of ideas that allow you measure results differently, then when you find out which are performing well, adopt those solutions and roll them out across the wider campaign.

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