Landing page optimisation: 5 ways to increase conversions

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What to include on your landing page

Like with any marketing activity, be it via email, print or PPC, your message should try to feature as many of the below as possible:

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Whatever separates your product/service offering from that of your competitors is a USP. Everything from being an exclusive stockist or official retailer to free delivery or a limited-time offer code can encourage customers to shop with you as opposed to your online rivals, so make sure they know about them.

The Product in Context

A picture of your product in use, or your service being carried out, is a great way for consumers to visualise your offering.

One of the most effective industries to adopt this method is fashion – displaying clothing on real models as opposed to mannequins/hangers. is even pushing this one step further by giving users the option to ‘View Catwalk’, so they can watch video clips of potential purchases in action.

The benefits of your offering

Keep benefits short and snappy by condensing them to a bullet pointed list. By making the advantages of buying from you as clear as possible, you will evoke trust and remind potential customers of reasons to buy.

Social proof

Is your brand present on Facebook, Twitter and Google+? Give them more ways to stay in contact with you and reward them with exclusive deals and competitions.

Having lots of followers makes your brand more trustworthy, and the occasional testimonial or review on your site won’t go amiss either.

A single conversion goal

Keep your goal in mind. Whether you want website visitors to buy your products, sign up to your newsletter, enter your competition, enter a discount code, request a call-back or sign up to your free trial, make sure you keep your landing page simple – and don’t confuse them with too many call-to-actions within a close proximity.

If your ‘Add to Basket’ button is surrounded by external links and distracting information, you could be missing out on valuable sales because your website wasn’t direct enough and your call-to-action not visible enough.

Follow these five principles and you should be able to spend less time sifting through hoards of Google Analytics data and more time servicing your customers.

For further recommendations, read this guide from Google AdWords or contact us to speak to our CRO team today.


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