The latest Google changes that you need to know

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Followers of our blog will know that Google is an organisation that never sleeps — the search engine giant makes numerous changes with every month that goes by.

While algorithm changes are usually the most-anticipated of all the updates, the company also regularly tweaks their search engine with the intent of refining the user experience.

Here’s a rundown of the latest changes from Google that we have come across this month:

Interactive, tappable sitelinks come to Google AdWords

Getting searchers to deeper parts of your website is now easier than ever, thanks to the launch of interactive, tappable sitelinks to the Google AdWords extensions portfolio.

The release means that mobile users will be able to scroll further along an Ad on a Google search result page and then click though to specific pages. An example of this in action is that when someone searches for the keyword ‘cards’, an Ad which links to the general cards page of a website will also have sitelinks such as ‘shop by card type’, ‘birthday cards’ and ‘bestselling cards’.

There’s no need to worry about the links included being random either, as each one is chosen and crafted by the advertiser themselves.

People have been found to be twice as likely to interact with the new formatting in place, according to early results reported on by Google and observed by Search Engine Land. If you’re unsure of how to get started with AdWords and reap the benefits of this platform, get in touch to discuss how we can assist in helping you stand out from the crowd.

Swipeable carousel and filters come to Google Shopping

The knowledge panel of a Google search results page is great for discovering essential information quickly. Now, the service is pretty much coming to the Google Shopping platform.

This is through a test of a variation of mobile product card units that Google is currently conducting, which has seen store listings appearing in a swipeable carousel and coming complete with filtering options. Click on one of these filters and the user will be directed to the Google Shopping overview page for the product.

As a result, extra information about product models can now be included on each store card.

Feed-based Google homepage

The days of the Google homepage being simply the brand’s familiar logo, a search box and a lot of white background could be coming to an end.

This is because the organisation is in the process of upgrading the entry point to its highly popular search engine in a way that will enable users to customise a news feed with updates which are based on their location, interests and previous search behaviour.

For instance, select either the ‘weather’ or ‘food & drink’ icons and targeted results will appear under the search bar on the homepage based on where the user is located at that time. The other two tabs, those being ‘entertainment’ and ‘sports’, are a bit more personal as popular and trending stories will appear based on preferences previously selected by the user.

Explaining the change, Google engineer Sashi Thakur said: “We want people to understand they’re consuming information from Google. It will just be without a query.”

Google’s new homepage has already launched on mobile platforms in the US, with a global release planned to be just around the corner — first on mobile devices through both the Google website and mobile apps before being rolled out onto desktop devices.

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