Link-building strategies and best practice

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Link-building best practiceThis article looks at some of the optimal white-hat link-earning practices that can boost your referral traffic in the short-term and significantly improve your rankings in the long-run.

But before going into too much detail, let’s look at the fundamental features that help you climb the search engine results pages (SERPs):

1. A well-designed and technically sound site

2. Onsite SEO

3. Unique, engaging and informative content

4. A credible backlink profile

Link-earning or link-building is the process that helps you achieve number four. When third-party sites provide a dofollow link* to your site, Google considers this a vote of confidence. Backlinks from a variety of sources therefore help establish your credibility and authority in the search engine’s eyes. This is measured by domain authority out of 100.

Good-quality and prominent sites will earn backlinks naturally, but they can be actively sought after via link earning. This involves contacting link prospects and giving them a good reason to link to your site: perhaps you have a piece of content their visitors would be interested in?

Directory submissions were once an easy way to build links, but they are no longer valuable. Google considers the quality of your links and does not reward ‘spammy’ link-earning practices.

Check out our list of optimal link-earning tactics below, which will help improve the quality of referral traffic and boost your backlink profile to benefit SERP positioning.

*Google only takes dofollow links into consideration. Links marked nofollow by the webmaster are ignored by search engine robots, but they can still be beneficial in terms of referral traffic and PR.

Guest Posting 


The main goal is acquiring high-quality backlinks and establishing relationships with link prospects.

How it works

1. Outreach specialists perform research to identify high-quality link prospects relevant to the client and project. Search operators can help narrow the shortlist to sites that have previously accepted guest posts, increasing the chance of successful link acquisition.

intitle:guest blogging for ”luxury design”

inpostauthor:’’guest author’’ ‘’luxury design’’

inurl:’’guest post’’ ‘’ luxury design’’

2. Outreach specialist performs a backlink assessment, which analyses link prospects based on:

  1. PR
  2. Domain authority
  3. Nofollow/dofollow
  4. Free/paid
  5. Use of anchor text

3. Once optimal link prospects have been identified, the outreach specialist sends a concise, customised email pitching the project and client collaboration.

4. An SEO copywriter writes a high-quality guest post tailored to the host site, making sure to include a natural link to the client.

Backlink competitor analysis


Acquire high-quality backlinks through research, competitive analysis and a PR-oriented approach.

How it works

1. An SEO identifies the competitors outranking the client for key terms.

2. SEO software is used to identify the quality of each competitors’ backlink profile, with the following details taken into consideration:

a)      Domain authority

b)      Nofollow/dofollow

c)       Free/paid

d)      Anchor text use

3. An outreach specialist contacts the webmasters hosting quality links for competitors with a project proposal.

4.  Content is created in accordance with editorial guidelines and client’s needs.

Onsite blogging


Attract quality organic traffic to your site, and gain natural backlinks.

How it works

  1. The SEO copywriter creates an editorial calendar that ensures content is created ahead of relevant events, for example Christmas, and published regularly.
  2. The copywriter, sometimes with assistance from a designer, creates high-quality content that adds value for visitors and is optimised for relevant search terms.
  3. Where natural and appropriate, internal links are included with varied types of anchor text*.
  4. Social media expert shares content on relevant platforms and encourages engagement.
  5. SEO analyses key metrics such as bounce rate to inform content strategy for the future.

*For a more natural link profile, a variety of anchor text must be used on- and offsite. Find more information here.

Online PR: Media databases


Develop relationships with influencers and earn high-quality backlinks.

How it works

1. The outreach specialises uses media databases such as Gorkana and Vocus PR to identify influencers relevant to the client.

2. Outreach specialist contacts the influencer with a relevant project proposal.

3. Copywriter produces high-quality content according to host site’s editorial guidelines, and featuring a natural link pointing to the client’s site.

Social media optimisation


Increase social media engagement to boost reach of shared content and benefit PR. Social media links are typically nofollow so there is rarely a direct influence on domain authority.

How it works

  1. Social media expert creates well-branded client accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.
  2. SEO implements open graph tags and Twitter cards within the source code to ensure Google displays social-rich snippets that increase click-through rates.
  3. Relevant content is shared with a message and image specially tailored to the social audience. Optimisation with hashtags and similar is recommended.
  4. SEO analyses URL parameters to determine which social media strategies are most successful and help inform improvements.

Broken link-building strategy


To improve the URL structure of a website and harness untapped link equity.

How it works

  1. SEO uses a dedicated tool to identify links that point to 404 pages.
  2. Webmasters with any backlinks pointing to broken URLs are contacted and asked to update the hyperlink.


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