Lockdown Legends - Ally Dowsing-Reynolds: Leeds Digital Festival

As part of this year’s Leeds Digital Festival, Mediaworks caught up with some of the lockdown legends—companies and individuals who had to turn everything on its head to keep moving, innovating, and creating opportunities.


In this edition, Mediaworks spoke to Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, Co-Owner & Director of Dowsing & Reynolds.


After a stratospheric career on the agency side of marketing Ally is now leading brand and marketing at Dowsing & Reynolds, the legendary home interior brand in Leeds.

They not only coped during lockdown but significantly grew their business. But most importantly for Ally, it gave her time to re-focus their brand back on their customer. She shares her views on how all good brands are customer centric and how brand is more important than ever, especially in the world of ecommerce.

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