Long Live Links

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Links are alive and kicking! The web’s favourite ranking factor is just as strong as ever, according to a report from Stone Temple Consulting. They revealed that a Google executive had told them that the two most important ranking factors were content and, you guessed it, links!

This echoes what we’ve always said at Mediaworks; a good content strategy and quality, non-spammy links will bring quality traffic to your site as your pages rise higher in the rankings. The study by Stone Temple Consulting analysed the results of Moz and Searchmetrics, both popular ranking tools, and found that links were immensely important to their assessment of your site.


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The study went further and used a mathematical equation to discover how many links per ranking URL equated to domain authority. The correlation showed that the more links, the higher the domain authority and page authority scores. The study also discovered that, by ranking position for the top 50 results across 6,000 search results pages, there was a nearly perfect correlation between links and rankings.

However, don’t rush out and build spam links. The study also showed that links without good content cannot flourish. Low relevancy, weaker content will outweigh any positive impact from your links.

To put it simply, good links and good content go hand in hand. As the author of the study says: “If your content is not relevant or competitive, links won’t help ranking. If it is, links will make the difference.”

In summary, the report works well to echo what all good SEO agencies and experts have said for many years. Good quality links are essential to rankings – they drive your pages up in the SERPS.

Building these important links and quality content can be challenging at the best of times. Instead, get in touch with Mediaworks to discuss how we can help you write engaging, exciting content and build quality trust signals to your pages.

Watch the full video from Stone Temple Consulting below for a recap.


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