How to make infographics work in 2018

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A decade ago, infographics were the new thing in the digital marketing world. The visuals were — and still are — fantastic at presenting complex information and data in a clear and easy-to-digest way.

However, it wasn’t long before every man and his dog jumped on the infographic bandwagon. Today, the internet is saturated with this type of content marketing.

But you shouldn’t discard this technique from your content strategy. Yes, the competition may have become a lot more intense over the last 10 years, but with the right approach, there are ways to make infographics work for your brand in 2018 — as we explore in this post…

Infographics can be memorable

Science is definitely on your side with this one! According to research carried out by Social Media Today, visual content can be processed in the brain 60,000x faster than text. What’s more, Hubspot research has found that up to 50 per cent of the human brain is wired to receive visual input, while it only takes the brain approximately 1/10th of a second to understand a visual scene.

Your infographic could continue to engage with people days after they have initially viewed it too. research shows that human brains can recall around 65 per cent of what they have seen in a specific visual even a few days after they first looked at it. In comparison, they will only be able to recall around 10 per cent of what they read in a section of text over a similar amount of time.

Infographics can grow audiences

Further research by has indicated that any content which includes the use of visuals — infographics obviously fall into this category — receive 94 per cent more views than content which is solely made up of text. Businesses that make use of infographics have site traffic to have that’s 12 per cent higher on average.

Simple to share and easy to view, infographics have universal appeal with users.

Infographics can adapt to a growing mobile audience

More people are going mobile when browsing online — and it’s not a new trend. In November 2016, mobile and tablet internet usage across the globe exceeded that of desktop for the first time. As of January 2018, Statcounter GlobalStats found that the mobile vs desktop market share worldwide sat at 51.92 per cent vs 43.87 per cent in favour of mobile devices (tablets also achieved 4.21 per cent of the share too).

Infographics are perfectly designed to be accessed on mobile devices. They’re simple for those on the go to navigate and digest between tasks!

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