Marketing to Millennials: Targeting the Digital Generation

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Digital is second nature to millennials, having grown up with rapidly advancing technology. They’re online right now but without fully understanding how they operate, it’s very difficult to create a marketing campaign that truly connects with a millennial target audience.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how e-commerce sites can connect with millennials across several core areas of your digital marketing campaign:


It’s no secret that mobile search is on the up—and that includes millennials. According to data from Neilson, 98% of millennials own a smartphone. If you don’t already have a mobile presence or if it is delivering a substandard experience, you’re missing out on your opportunity to connect with this demographic. So how do you improve the mobile experience?

First, consider page load speeds. Millennials don’t have the time or patience to wait longer than necessary for a page to load, with 53% of visits abandoned after just three seconds of loading. Complicated forms are a main culprit of this, so keep your forms simple and short by only collecting absolutely essential information.

Simplify your navigation and menus to include your site’s main and most popular pages, avoiding a cluttered and complicated UX.


Keep the purchasing path short too. Having too many stages is not only frustrating for users, it also provides them too many opportunities to back out of the buying process. Keep the core purchase stages short and concise, and consider including a guest checkout or faster payment options to speed up the process and entice more shoppers to buy.

As a demographic, millennials are mobile; if you’re not providing the information they need to make a decision, they’re likely to leave your site to find a brand that can. Answer the questions shoppers have through product information and FAQs, and include customer testimonials to build trust with the user.


With 90% of young adults using social media, it’s an obvious platform for e-commerce sites that want to connect with their target demographic. To do so effectively, identify how your audience is interacting socially. Devise a comprehensive strategy that has your core aims in mind — what do you want to achieve? Is it increased interaction, additional traffic to your site or both?

If a millennial had specific purchase intent — for example, ‘I want to buy a new dress’—social media would likely not be their first port of call. Rather, social media is best use for engaging with those in the early stages of the buying funnel. They might not even know they want a new dress, but they might after seeing one of your social posts. Share engaging content across your channels to build relationships, which over the long-term could lead to increased sales.

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