Markup for Marketing: Schema Types

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Notice fluctuations in your rankings lately? Your site could be feeling the effect of Google’s mid-December algorithm updates. Described by Google as “part of our regular and routine efforts to improve relevancy”, early reports suggest the updates are disruptive.

Searchmetrics founder Marcus Tober commented that although they still needed to carry out a deep analysis to establish the true impact, he did comment: “Many sites have lost visibility that have no integration, but we can’t determine based on such a short time what are the overall systematic changes.”

As the recent changes show, structured data through schema libraries is growing in importance. Failing to implement Schema could be detrimental to your site’s rankings, and ultimately impact your search performance.

Here, we discuss the different Schema types and how they can benefit your business.

Schema types

Overall, there are three Schema types that we believe drive the most benefit for businesses. This includes:

Organisation Schema Markup

Regardless of the sector you work in, your business can benefit from organisation Schema markup. This type of markup helps to populate the knowledge graph for your business, which displays your company information in the right-hand panel of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Users want information quickly, so using this type of Schema markup will present the details users want without them having to trawl through your website or find your contact us page. Include essential details like your business address and contact information, as well as links to your social media accounts.

Product Reviews

Rating Schema markup is beneficial for e-commerce sites, as it helps you promote products within the SERPs. It could also be beneficial for local businesses, such as restaurants.

Using this type of markup, Google will pull in product star ratings into the SERPs, where one star is the worst and five stars is the best. Where multiple ratings are present for product reviews, you can use the AggregateRating Schema.

Product Information

Another useful markup type for retailers is Product and Offer markups. This type of markup shows price and product status information (such as stock status) in the SERPs. Again, by making this information available in the search engines, you are simplifying the user journey.

Schema markup makes your core information readily available for time-poor searches. Businesses across various industries can benefit from implementing this markup, especially in light of Google’s recent algorithm changes.

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