Mastering the Twitter Advertising Platform

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For most companies who use PPC advertising, AdWords is their bread and butter and only digital cash flow generator. And this is fine — many brands do very well using AdWords alone.

The problem is AdWords is competitive.  More competition means more bidders, resulting in higher cost-per-clicks  and higher cost per acquisitions! Tell your profit margins to batten down the hatches as things are only going to get tougher.

Thankfully, there are alternative advertising platforms available. In truth, there has never been a better time to start using them.

According to Twitter themselves, the platform currently has 284 million monthly active users sending 500 million Tweets per day. Not only this, but 80% of Twitter active users are on mobile. 77% of accounts are outside the U.S and Twitter supports 35+ languages. That’s pretty impressive.


What can I use Twitter advertising for?

Gain A Bigger Reach

Ads grow your Twitter followers significantly. The more followers you have means that there are more people who will potentially see your tweets – this is called “reach”.  When tweeting details of brand promotions, you can see why having a bigger reach is preferable.

Raise Brand Awareness

Awareness ads allow your company to be discovered by both potential and existing customers. You can import existing customer details into your campaign targeting, as we’ll discuss later.

Push Engagement

Having followers you can immediately talk to and get feedback from is very useful. Twitter is a great platform for market research, helping you understand how customers view your business, products and services.

It can also be used for conducting surveys without irritating people! Tweets like “Are there any products that you wish we stocked?” or “How is everyone finding our new website? Encountered any issues?” are perfect examples of things you can ask your audience.

Website clicks & conversions

Twitter offers a similar service to Google AdWords, but cheaper and with more interesting targeting methods. Twitter allows the advertiser to create an ad and choose who sees it. The ad is created in the form of a promoted tweet and will appear on your target audience’s Twitter feed as a tweet from your company.

You can use the tweets to drive traffic to product pages, blog posts and sign-up forms. Twitter ads tend to be cheaper in terms of CPC when compared to AdWords. For example, the keyword ‘weight loss’ has a Google suggested bid of £1.97. However, on Twitter, the suggested bid is just £1.

Keep in mind that Twitter sees significantly less traffic than Google and people may not be primarily on Twitter to shop or consume


Twitter’s Targeting Options

Twitter allows us to get creative with the targeting of our campaigns. We have the standard location, gender, language and device options, along with the interesting ‘additional targeting criteria’. It is here where we can really refine who sees the advertisements, as the screen grab below shows.

Twitter targeting

Add Keyword Targeting

Just like other SEM platforms, Twitter gives us the option to target keywords. The ad interface also gives us an idea of the global daily activity on each of the keywords we choose.

Keywords can be included as trending, like #BestShoesEver for example. However, this usually only works as a short-term tactic, as trending hashtags can quickly become old news.


Twitter keyword targeting

Keeping campaigns highly targeted is best-practice. If you’re selling Nike shoes, you should first look to target ‘Nike shoes’ rather than ‘shoes’, as the latter term is too broad.


Add Follower Targeting

You can target your ad to the followers of certain Twitter accounts. For example, if you’re selling fitness equipment, why not target your Twitter ad at the followers of gym companies?

Twitter follower targeting

Note: When targeting usernames, Twitter recommends that you do not add interest targeting into the same campaigns. Instead, create another campaign for interest targeting.


Add Tailored Audience Targeting

Twitter tailored targeting

If you have a list of customer email addresses, mobile phone numbers, Twitter usernames, Twitter IDs or mobile advertising IDs, you can import these into your campaign to target these individuals specifically. You will need to import these lists in the form of a .CSV or .TXT file.


Website visitors (Remarketing)

By installing a small line of code on every page of your website, Twitter can compile a list of everyone who visits your website. If any of these visitors have a Twitter account, you can use the platform to advertise to them.


The early bird catches the worm, so set up your first Twitter campaign and unleash your brand’s sales potential.

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