Maximising the Value of Every Click

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When setting up a paid search campaign, the main aim should be to maximise the click value of the customer. There are multiple ways to achieve a better ROI through affective campaign optimisation, meaning that every time a customer lands on your website, you’re reaping the benefits.

There is sometimes a misconception that to have a successful paid campaign and stand out against your competitors, it often comes down to how much you’re spending. In some aspects this can be the case, especially if you are working with smaller budgets, however it all comes down to optimisation and improving your overall account health, allowing you to increase impression share and pay less for every click. A lot of people are also under the impression that to improve paid search performance, they need to use single keyword ad groups. This is a very old school way of structuring your account and in truth, you need to take a much more advanced, and less time consuming approach than that.

Dominate Search

There are a few ways that you can dominate Google’s search results and grow as a business. If you’re serious about capturing your audience online, spend twice as much as your competitors. Why? Because customers are worth twice as much to you. That doesn’t mean you should be putting all of your funds into one place. Instead, invest in your overall digital marketing project more strategically.

Conversion Rate Optimisation & UX

Dominating the search engine is just one part of a successful campaign though. You might bring the customers to your website, but if they aren’t benefitting from the onsite experience, or they’re finding it too difficult to navigate, they will leave and go to your competitors. After investing in your paid search campaign, you can’t afford to lose customers once they arrive at the main destination. This factors in a range of different areas too, including graphics, layout, text, and interactive elements. These work in synergy to present the user with an experience, rather than a wall of information. After all, customers scan websites rather than read them word-for-word.

Conversion rate optimisation should always be carried out on any web build to ensure a streamlined visiting process.  This needs to be a data-driven process. By using the right information, you can identify any issues that visitors might face. This will help you determine the moves you need to make to maximise online opportunities. Not only will this allow you to understand the behaviour of your customer, but tailor future amends specifically to this profile.

As you can see, there’s much more that goes into the success of a paid search campaign than just managing a Google Ads account. If your UX is worse than your competitors, you won’t be able to compete in the long-run and generate a good response from customers.

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