Mediaworks celebrates 1 year at Princesway offices

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Mediaworks celebrates 1 year at Princesway offices

Today marks a very special occasion for everyone at Mediaworks. Just a few months after our fifth anniversary celebrations, the party hats and the balloons are out once again to celebrate one year in our spanking new Team Valley premises.

Who could believe that 12 months have passed since that crisp November morning when Mediaworks staff members excitedly sat at their new desks and looked forward to the future? Since then, the workforce has more than doubled with more  individuals than ever now calling Mediaworks HQ their home.

Say it with cake!

This afternoon the entire office celebrated by munching a total of 25 pizzas, all washed down with champers and a slice of cake!

The company’s growth is giving no indication of slowing down: in the past 12 months, we’ve signed a host of new clients and our relationships with existing clients have continued to grow just as healthily. As much as we love the North East, the time was right to spread our talents to the capital, and in June of this year, we were proud to announce the opening of our London office.

Our reputation in the industry has similarly flourished, and the hard work and dedication of the MW team has been recognised with a raft of award nominations and, earlier in the year, inclusion  in the Econsultancy Top 100 Digital Agencies list.


So, what did last year’s move to the new offices mean for Mediaworks? Katherine Weir was one of the original staff members who made the move from the old premises to the new offices on Princesway, Team Valley. She said: “Moving to the new office was a big jump in space and luxury. When we moved to our own unique headquarters, I definitely became more aware of the future plans and potential for the company. It also gave me a little more elbow space while typing!”

Before we waved our interior design wand, the current MW HQ was an unloved shell of a building The Mediaworks building is now looking busy and blue

The premises definitely possesses a certain amount of curb appeal and continues to wow new staff who come through MW’s doors for the first time. Rebecca Craft, who joined the company as an Online Marketing Executive in June of this year, said: “Mediaworks is a delightful place to work and the open office environment definitely contributes to this. In fact, our HQ is a lot like us: warm, friendly and always changing and adapting – usually to accommodate a wave of new starters! Workspace is undeniably important and luckily, Mediaworks feels a lot like home.”

It’s by no means sentimental to say that the office feels like home, and the workforce like one big family. We even had an office goldfish once – a result of someone’s unusual choice of Secret Santa gift. The poor chap didn’t last long in the fast-paced world of digital marketing and SEO, and was ‘adopted’ by a loving staff member to be rehomed with her family.

It’s definitely been a busy and rewarding first year in our new home. We’ve opened our arms to new staff and new clients, as we lead the way in digital marketing and SEO. All of this, fuelled by an estimated 36,000 cups of tea and coffee!

At the rate the company’s growing, it might not be too long before Mediaworks commissions the construction of Team Valley’s first skyscraper. We wonder if the local council would allow us to project the MW symbol into the night sky each time we sign a new client…

Happy Birthday Mediaworks HQ!


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