Mediaworks’ Craig Bradshaw joins The Guardian’s web chat on content marketing

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Mediaworks’ Craig Bradshaw joins The Guardian’s web chat on content marketing

Mediaworks continues to take the digital marketing world by storm: our Head of Outreach Craig Bradshaw was invited to be a panellist on a live web chat on The Guardian, to share his expertise on the world of content marketing, which has recently garnered huge interest from businesses looking to harness its potential.

Head of Design Ross Palmer joined Craig at the computer to provide opinion from a design perspective, and the Q&A session got underway. Content Coordinator for the Guardian Media Network Chris J Smith kicked off the debate with a question about why businesses are so keen to invest in content marketing, despite the widespread misunderstanding of the practice and its merits.

Craig responded: “I think the key reason is that content marketing has been a ‘buzzword’ for quite some time now, meaning that everyone can see the perceived value in investing in content marketing. However, there are many people out there who invest in it but are unsure about how to do it effectively, which could be a reason for the apparent disconnect between investment and ROI.”

Answering questions and providing advice to fellow panellists, Guardian staff and commenters alike, Craig took the opportunity to share his expert opinion on all matters content marketing, highlighting the value of user-generated content and the importance of a holistic marketing approach—something we take seriously at Mediaworks.

Discussion also turned to a recent blog post from Google’s Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, which suggested that the search-engine giant would be cracking down on guest posting as a link-building tactic. Craig was quick to point out that Google is looking to target low-quality sites, not external content that offers value to the reader, saying it is simply the case that “the quality benchmark has been raised”.

Head over to the comments thread to read more of Craig’s insights, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions about developing a content marketing strategy for your organisation. You can also hear from Mediaworks experts by attending our CIM masterclasses.


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