Mediaworks develops and launches new Northern Insight magazine website

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Mediaworks is always excited to offer our digital expertise to strengthen the online profiles of other local businesses. Northern Insights magazine is an important platform for businesses to share their news and discuss both industry and local developments.

Producing a physical magazine on a monthly basis, the brand’s digital presence was failing to deliver. At the start of the project, the website was basic, featuring a PDF ‘e-book’ of each magazine. This meant that if a user wanted to read a particular article online, they would have to scroll through an entire issue.

Because of the site’s limited functionality and few pages, the magazine’s online presence was stunted, as it was unable to capture search volume around specific articles. However, what we didn’t want to do was create a website that would be challenging and time-consuming to update and maintain, given the large number of articles the magazine handles each month.

Drawing on the skills of our talented design and web development team, we were able to create a website that not only reflected the Northern Insight brand but also provided a greater online presence and overall user experience.

We implemented an efficient upload process that meant each article could be added to the site quickly and easily. Each article now has its own unique URL, allowing us to increase the search visibility of the site as more pages are available for Google to index. The articles are split into distinct categories too, allowing users to easily access the content they want to read.

In the past, users would have to already know about Northern Insights magazine before they could visit the site. Now, the addition of new pages means the site can rank for the search terms associated with each article, increasing the magazine’s readership.

As well as including advertising space, the website will also help to deliver greater business intelligence for the magazine. Unlike the past PDF format, the magazine can track and measure the performance of its content, identifying the most successful pieces that deliver the greatest engagement.

Speaking of the new site launch, Northern Insights magazine’s Managing Director Mike Grahamslaw said: “The launch of our new site allows us to deliver a greater experience to our readers and promote the achievements of North East businesses on a greater scale. We’re very pleased with our new site and hope our readers enjoy using it.”

Mediaworks’ Creative Director Andrew Blenkinsop commented: “We’re incredibly proud to deliver a website that truly does the Northern Insights brand justice. We’re excited to see what new heights the brand will reach now that the new site is live.”

If you haven’t already, take a look at the new website at

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